Akashic Soul Path Healing

The Akasha holds the imprint and information of all things throughout all time. It records and holds the energetic imprint of every thought, action, emotion, and experience that has ever occurred throughout all lifetimes. Accessing your personal Akashic Records offers your Soul’s perspective on the challenges that you are facing in life, and assists one in clearing attachment to negative influences and beliefs, and recognizing the truth of who you are and your life purpose!

An Akashic Portal is opened with your permission utilizing a powerful prayer invocation given expressly for this purpose, which illuminates all aspects of your life both physical and nonphysical — past, present, future, material, immaterial. Working through Higher Self and a profound connection with the Divine, Phyllis works alongside the Angels to provide healing in any context throughout all time, space, place, and dimension, relative to your present life journey.

Within your session there will be an Akashic Record review and illumination of key reference points, energetic healing and prescriptive transmissions sung and spoken in Light Language through the Angels, containing encoded light, frequency, and information for healing and transformation on a cellular, energetic, and soul level.

Akashic Soul Path Healings with the Angels include:

  • Answers to pertinent life questions regarding your life journey and soul path truth
  • Teachings, tools, resources, and solutions to lifes challenges and transitions
  • Opening, clearing and balancing of your energy centers (Chakras) within the physical and nonphysical
  • Expansion of your perception and understanding of present circumstances, allowing for the healing of old 140812_Phyllis_Douglass_MTN-9354wounds, release of negative patterns and beliefs
  • Past life and Ancestral communication, release of negative influences, and integration of gifts
  • Release of attachments/ties/cords/contracts with the past and present creating openings for new opportunities, thought processes, and actions
  • Physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual healing
  • Processes, transmissions, attunements, and initiations for spiritual elevation and awakening to ones gifts and life purpose

Clients often experience spontaneous and palpable shifts including elevated states of consciousness, visions, physical and emotional healing, connection with guides, Angels, and loved ones, feel waves of energy pulsing and tingling throughout their bodies, spontaneously begin to shake and move as past trauma is released and blocked energy begins to flow, and feel an encompassing feeling of love and wellbeing.

“For many years Phyllis utilized Linda Howe’s “Pathway Prayer Method” to access the heart of the Akashic Records. In July 2016, Phyllis had a profound spiritual experience within the Akashic Records and received her own personal prayer invocation.”

What is the Akasha?

When working within the Akasha, only the most appropriate and essential information will be relayed to you.  The word “Akasha” is a Sanskrit word meaning “primary substance”, that out of which all things are formed. Within the Akasha exits records which biblically speaking, are a library of everything your soul has ever experienced through lifetimes in Physical Creation – past, present and future – making it a profound spiritual resource for consciousness development and expanded spiritual awareness. You receive compassionate counsel and information to illuminate truth and find solutions to challenges within the here and now; assisting with healing and transformation, releasing past-life and ancestral trauma, obstacles and negative patterns.  Every spiritual tradition speaks of the Akasha and in the Judeo-Christian tradition, for example, it is known as “The Book of Life” and “The Book of God’s Remembrance”.

Information and teachings are relayed out of love and compassion for your human experience through the highest light, and it is not necessary for you to hold any specific beliefs. Experiencing an Akashic Soul Path Healing allows you to expand your awareness and create the life you wish to lead in the best way possible — with simplicity and ease. Your questions will be answered and healing will take place gracefully and without context or judgement within a private and safe environment.

Single Session $147 (1 Hour)


“I am deeply grateful and very blessed after my Akashic Soul Path Healing session with Phyllis Douglass yesterday!

I have been working on clearing negative thought forms, patterns and energies for quite a long time now, never really being able to stay clear, no matter what.  All of this has now changed after my session with Phyllis!  She was able to remove and transmute specific aspects of my life through my Akashic Records, so that finally, I am released!  Negative energy, entities, reversal aspects have been removed, energy rearranged, and I have now been able to experience a truly grounded, spiritual repatterning of my soul purpose.

Not only in the physical realm, but energetically I am more fully present and grounded, but also feeling immense blissful expansion in my spiritual fields – accessing my full self – my full soul!  Phyllis also
was able to bring in my Sacred Light Scroll and I am now able to access an entirely different and profound wealth of spirit that I was unable to ever access previously.   Phyllis and I also experienced a mutual sacred healing activation pattern – one that provided spiritual, emotional and physical healing to both of us bestowed in divine Grace; a pattern that we can recognized and can now utilize as we move forward.

I am so excited for this new shift in my spirituality, my conscious evolution, and my freedom to now access the gifts that I have carried with me for so long!

Thank you Phyllis, thank you Spirit, thank you to our Divine Creator!!!”