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MUSINGS FROM THE RAZOR’S EDGE: The Key to the Dream Locker – Part 1

Musings from the Razor's Edge: "The path to enlightenment is as sharp and narrow as a razor's edge." The Key to the Dream Locker - Part 1 What is the challenge for humanity? It is the

The Angel Speaks – “The Freedom to Release the Illusion of Fear and Restraints” 12/24/16

The freedom that resides within will release the illusion of fear and restraints 100% of the time. You are free. There isn't a single thing that you need hide behind in this time of uprising

DANCING WITH THE BREATH — Nurturing the Subtle Moments Between the Inhale and the Exhale

DANCING WITH THE BREATH Nurturing the Subtle Moments Between the Inhale and the Exhale When we are sitting with someone in conversation, most of us do not pause before our words to ask ourselves, "What is


A NEW SPACE CREATIVITY AND THE SIMPLICITY OF TRUTHS Yes. I am guilty. I am guilty of trying to beat down doors that never opened, and dejectedly stomping away because I was so sure that I

Note on Spirituality – My Glass Slipper to God –

Hello Beautiful Beings, Wow! That is about all I have to say to the changes I have been through the last several months. I know that I keep remarking upon that, but it is entirely true

Living in the Now

Living in the Now For the future it is of utmost importance to live in the now, as all that you do and all that you ARE informs and shapes the future YOU. The future

The Necessity of the Creator Spirit – Lord Metatron

We are here this day to discuss the meaning behind the creator spirit, and how that creates a division between those who do, and those who don't. What is meant by this as that there

“Choosing the Future” – 1/08/2012 with Archangel Michael

Light Transmission 1/08/2013 It is very apparent to me that there is a need for decisiveness among man, to decide what it is that is important to them and what it is that

You Only Need Ask

It is such a blessing that each and every day brings something new.  A discovery or affirmation of a truth or inner knowing that was deep within me all along, waiting to be triggered by outside circumstance.  Waiting for