Phyllis Douglass

The Toltecs were a civilization living in Southern Mexico thousands of years ago, that were known as the men and women of knowledge — teachers of spirituality, sciences, and the arts. Every individual life was considered a work of art; a conscious, living creation, always in a dynamic state of evolution. The Toltecs created vital teachings and practices for the purpose of developing full consciousness and spiritual awakening, in addition to a range of practices found within traditional energy medicine and shamanic practices — Limpia, Extractions, Psycho-Pomp, Light Illumination, Soul Retrieval, and working with nonphysical guidance.

Toltec Shamanism is the powerful path of the seeker, offering tools for self-examination, recognition of our true essence,  and reconnection with the Source of all that we are.

Phyllis is an omni-dimensional healer, and the essence of her practice is the cultivation and anchoring of a profound level of communication with the Divine, in the understanding that the course of all healing flows through the God of your understanding. Her Shamanic Healing sessions incorporate a number of different methods and tools dependent on each person’s individual needs.

For many years she studied within the Peruvian, African, and Native American traditions, before focusing on the teachings and esoteric wisdom of the Toltecs through her teacher and benefactor, Koyote the Blind. The concept that the life we see and actually experience is seen through the filters of our beliefs, expectations, agreements, and assumptions, led Phyllis on a path of self-discovery that allowed her to begin releasing of all of the things that were not aligned with her own personal truth. Life began to change dramatically — and major spiritual discoveries arose

headerFrom a Toltec perspective, she focuses upon our internal Tree of Life and connection to All Things, the simplicity of communicating directly with God, fostering a symbiotic and loving relationship with the Earth, and understanding ourselves to be spiritual beings having a human experience.  She walks a razors edge working multidimensionally and within the Akasha, and grounding that energy here on the planet.

Within her practice, she applies ancient vocal and energy healing techniques, and forms of divination which serve as a catalyst for transformation and transfiguration – awakening ones innate ability to heal on all levels.

The calling to step into the role of Shaman came through her African and Native American ancestors, paternal and maternal lineage, and the guidance of her Holy Guardian Angel. We all have the innate ability to heal ourselves, transform our lives, and to make deeply profound spiritual connections that open up a world of possibilities, that allows us to live in an elevated state of awareness throughout our daily lives.

Sessions offered in person, and online via Zoom or Skype.

Shamanic Healing  $175