Each piece is a one-of-a-kind, handcrafted energetic alchemy of natural and semi-precious stones, gems, metals, and found objects.  Spirit inspired and divinely infused!

My Sacred Journey Jewels are a collection of jewelry activated and charged in a crystal pyramid grid, with specific intention for the wearer. They are sold in local stores, holistic fairs and expos, and soon will be available in my Etsy Store.

I also create one-of-a-kind necklaces, bracelets, and pendulums charged for the individual wearer.  Each piece is activated and charged with the vibrational energy frequencies and resonance needed to create balance for your physical, emotional, and spiritual health. A vibrational alchemy is created for the wearer, or dowser seeking the guidance of their inner wisdom and knowledge, or higher guidance from Source.  These items are commissioned pieces.

For each individual necklace or pendulum, I am divinely inspired through the higher guidance of Spirit, as to the appropriate design elements, including length, beads, stones, and configuration. Each necklace design is specific to the wearer to assist them in balancing their life-force energy throughout the energy centers and meridian lines (utilized in Acupuncture), and open the door to new beginnings, higher levels of achievement, healing, and purpose. Pendulums are designed and attuned to the dowser for which it has been commissioned.

SACRED ARTS — The Sacred Language and Written Word  of Yahweh

I speak, sing and write a divine Sacred Language of Yahweh, the vibrational frequency of which, serves as a tool for the transformation of humanity and the planet.  Each notation and recording is ‘prescriptive’ to each individual, and activates the remembrance of your divine origin and true nature as a spiritual being of Light, and for transformation and healing on all levels.

After a telephone or in person consultation to ascertain your desire, prayer, or intention, I sit on your behalf to receive the sacred song and written word in the Sacred Language of Yahweh that is meant for you. This ‘living language’ of resonate frequencies is multidimensional, and is understood by everyone on an unconscious level. It affects one deeply physically, emotionally, and spiritually when you are anchored in your desire and willingness to change your life.

You will find that as you listen in meditation and view the sacred words, you will experience an activation that will open space and expand your awareness, allowing you to release blockages and resistance, assist the body back into its natural energetic flow and rhythmic state, and accelerate healing and transformation.

To Place Your Order for a Commissioned Work:

Once I receive your secure online payment via PayPal I will contact you via email or phone (Skype contact information for International clients) regarding your commissioned work. You will need to provide your full given name (as it appears on your driver’s license) which serves as your vibrational signature, phone number, email address, and shipping address.

For the SACRED ARTS — Sacred Language and Written Word of Yahweh, I will telephone you at the phone number provided or via email to schedule an appointment for a consultation.  It is very helpful if you notate a few times you are available in the comment section in PayPal.

Commissioned work is generally completed and shipped within two weeks. Please click on the Store tab to make the appropriate payment via PayPal, and feel free to contact me with any questions.