A Movement System for Body Awakening, Self Release, and Unwinding.

In a word…FREEDOM.

The body is a Myofascial system with the innate intelligence and ability to heal and transform itself.

Our connective tissue, the fascia, is a woven web of living tissue that surrounds every aspect of our physical body including muscles, organs, systems, blood vessels, and cellular structures. It is my personal understanding that this web of tissue also serves as our innermost intelligent grid of light and information that interconnects us with the world around us and all that exists.

Consider the energetic ley lines and axial tonal lines extending through our planet and on through the universe that have been demonstrated by science. And now Iā€™d like you to consider the fascia, our internal web of connective tissue, as a conscious systematic grid carrying light and intelligence. When you look at it from this viewpoint, you come to understand that we have full access to utilize this beautiful, and remarkable connectivity to our advantage physically, mentally, and spiritually. When we can acknowledge ourselves as spiritual beings within a physical existence, we come to understand our immensity, and capability to nurture and care for our physical vehicle ā€“ our bodies ā€“ on an entirely different level than ever before.

The Myofascial Energetics movement system works to heal and transform from the inside out!

Myofascial Energetics is taught as a class series or workshop format, and is for those who wish to experience self-release, movement reeducation, and movement as medicine for both the Mind and Body. Please contact Phyllis to schedule to schedule a class or workshop at Soma Bodhi or your business/venue/facility: (909) 967-0246.

The following fees apply to a class/workshop taught at Soma Bodhi:

1 1/2 Hour Class is $25/person

3 Hour Workshop is $60/person