Soul Song Concerts

Phyllis Douglass, whose spiritual name is VOX ANGELUS, the “Voice of the Angels”, is a Vocal Alchemist and
Omnidimensional Healer who works alongside a Ministry of Angels.

Through a profound connection to the divine, Phyllis speaks and sings in the company of Angels with the accompaniment of sacred and indigenous instruments, weaving the vibrational frequencies of divinely encoded song and spoken word into a beautiful living tapestry of sound that HEALS and TRANSFORMS, and ACTIVATES spiritual initiation and transfiguration.

“She LiveStreams Angels. I cannot describe it any other way!”

The Angels often do hands on healing at the close of the evening with the CELESTIAL HEALING CHAIR. Audience members wishing to receive a healing can come forward and sit in the chair. As a clear channel for celestial light and frequencies, she serves as an instrument of God.

Phyllis is a classically trained Soprano with an extensive vocal range and vocabulary including the mystic chants of indigenous and ancient peoples, planetary toning, and a cosmic language of vibratory frequencies, syllables and tones that have an extraordinary effect on the body, mind, and spirit. With the ability to orchestrate both feminine and masculine sounds, tones, and harmonics through the use of her voice, she eloquently sings, speaks, signs, and writes in the ‘Language of the Elohim’, which carries the vibrational frequency, light, and information of God. These ancient codes and frequencies are translated and assimilated on a Soul level for your personal healing and transfiguration.

Soul Song Concerts are a sacred encounter with the Choir of Angels as a single stream of consciousness with a singular focus — the power of UNCONDITIONAL LOVE as a creative force of change!

Participants frequently voyage or journey within a trance-like state, experience physical healing and emotional releases, connect with guides, Angels, and loved ones, feel waves of energy pulsing and tingling throughout their bodies, or spontaneously begin to shake and move as past trauma is released, and blocked energy begins to flow.

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// “I was profoundly moved by Vox Angelus. Her voice was etherial, spiritual, angelic, and took me by surprise! The tears began to flow because my heart just wanted to burst.”

// “Within the first few moments I had to open my eyes and look, thinking there had to be more than one person singing! I felt empowered to take action in my life. And hearing her voice left me deeply relaxed, and I released some heavy energy I had been carrying for years!”

// “I cannot describe what I am feeling inside. Love. An overwhelming sense of peace and gratitude. I looked around me and saw several people with tears streaming down their faces.”

// “I’ve never experienced anything like this before! The pain I had been experiencing in my hip is totally gone!

// “I’ve heard first-hand testimonials, and everyone has expressed an immediate, profound touch from within and from above. Centers are turned on and channels activated in what seems to be specific and unique sequences. Everyone has demonstrated different levels of awareness with it; and regardless of how they experience it or describe it, all seem to have been touched by the Angel.”

// “Several participants witnessed her [Vox Angelus] transfigure into an Angelic or heavenly form. I was so amazed when she opened her mouth and began to sing. Wow!”

// “I saw her [Vox Angelus] standing there with brilliant white wings, and with what looked like several Angels surrounding her!”


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