Space Clearing Attunements

A cleansing process of your home, building or land which enhances every aspect of your physical, emotional, mental and spiritual life!

Sometimes as the years go by, we may slowly begin to accumulate things within our environment that we no longer even notice as we walk by. Things are placed in the back of a closet or garage because we cannot let go of it, or feel we will need it in the future, even if we haven’t touched it in years. Nostalgia, fear, guilt, or comfort, often makes us hold onto things beyond their usefulness. Often we just live with the burden of disorganization, lack of flow, and the exhaustion and apathy that clutter and stagnant energy can create.
When you make a decision to release or detach from what’s no longer relevant in your life, it unblocks the door to new inspiration and opportunities. Participating in a Space Clearing Attunement allows you to begin anew with expanded focus, energy and clarity of purpose!

Space Clearing assists in aligning and attuning the energies of your home, building or property to their highest potential of expression on all levels through intent and clarification of purpose. Cleansing and clearing the energies neutralizes and balances distortions caused by Earth energies, geopathic stress, energetic imprints of ancestors or entities, past trauma, and anything interfering with the harmony of your property.

The environment in which you live and work holds the energetic pattern of everyone who utilizes the property, and it does not diminish even when they are no longer physically there. These energy patterns remain and continue to affect how the space “feels”. If there have been traumatic circumstances, illness, death, or challenging relationships, the residue of these events can linger for many years and not be resolved. These disharmonious energies or vibrations can affect the lives and circumstances of the current inhabitants causing dis-ease, illness, the inability to move forward, and unfortunate circumstances due to the permeation of negative or adverse energies.

Prior to arriving on-site, Phyllis creates a map of your property and tracks all negative or adverse energies affecting your home or building and land. Utilizing military Dowsing techniques she will locate the presence of Earth energies (underground water, ley lines, and ley-line power centers), that run through or across your property and shift them out of harms way, if they are negative in nature. She notates vortices of energy that have been created where Earth energies cross paths. Whether negative or positive, Earth energies have a direct physical, mental or emotional affect depending on where they are situated. Lastly, any disincarnate beings or entities located on the property will be crossed over to the Light. Much of this is taken care of via dowsing before she physically arrives on-site. The map and all notations become your property at the completion of the Space Clearing.

When Phyllis arrives on the property, she creates sacred space through the use of prayer, song, and sound (drumming, singing, bells) and then throughout the process of Space Clearing, will go through each room identifying problem areas where there are pockets of dense, stagnant or blocked energy. Utilizing Sound, Energy Techniques, and high frequency Incense and Sage, all areas are cleared of negative or adverse energies and entities, bringing balance to your property and the freedom to start anew. As a Shaman, her connection to Source/Spirit and intuitive skills allow her to make the determination of what is required including smudging with sage, lighting candles, and placing rock salt and fresh flowers in specific areas throughout your property. The Space Clearing ends with a ceremony bringing in positive energies and stating your list of intentions and desires for the future.

At the completion of your Space Clearing, you will be left with a sense of well-being, your environment will feel lighter and brighter, and you will have a deeper sense of clarity. In general, you will feel as if a heavy weight has been lifted from your shoulders!

Phyllis’s clients have reported feeling more energetic, sleeping better, being able to handle stressors more proactively, old and unproductive patterns of behavior are released, stronger immune systems, improved communication, positive relationship changes, increased financial prosperity, creativity, and abundance in all aspects of their lives.

Cost: Space Clearing and House Blessings are $250 for first 1500 sq ft + $50/each additional 500 sq ft. Prices are negotiable in specific situations.