“I have had four Myofascial Release treatments with integrated movement reeducation from Phyllis, and the results have been extraordinary! I had breast cancer surgery approximately two years ago and began experiencing tightness and decreased range of motion, and difficulty breathing from adhesions to my chest wall which were causing frequent muscle spasms. In this short time, Phyllis has been able to gradually release the adhesions not only providing relief, but giving me a broader range of motion and sense of freedom. Much gratitude!”

~ Anne

“I’m so excited.  Myofascial Release Therapy is incredible!  I feel like I’ve discovered this hidden world.  Six months ago, I had no idea what fascia was.  I started reading and searching the internet to gain as much info as possible.  After much research, I learned about the John Barnes approach to Myofascial Release.  I searched online for practitioners trained in the John Barnes method, and I was lead to Phyllis.  Phyllis has the soul healer.  She has a gift of lovingly, and intuitively knowing how and where the healing is needed, and how to apply the right touch.

During my Myofascial Release sessions with Phyllis, I can feel the release of physical tightness, anxiety, and stress.  The bonus …. when my fascia moves, my entire being moves, mind, body, and spirit.  It is true that we store life events, memories, pain, and joy, in the fascia. Yay…I don’t have pain and tightness from plantar fasciitis and the pinched nerve in my shoulder anymore!

When the student is ready, the master appears. Many Thanks!”

~ Leena

“Two years ago I had a mild case of shingles. Since then I have had almost constant pain in my left shoulder and neck with limited range of motion. I tried other modalities for healing —physical therapy, massage and acupuncture. They would lessen the pain, but only for a short time. In January I Tried Myofascial Release Therapy. This is a method of releasing the tensions, restrictions in the connective tissue, and emotions from trauma that were trapped/stored in my muscles from incidents that happened a long time ago. Releasing the tension in the muscles has allowed them to function more normally. In addition, Phyllis specializes in releasing scar tissue. She was able to release the scar tissue and adhesions to my chest wall from my mastectomy scar. I am no longer experiencing pain and restriction, and my range of motion has increased. I am finally enjoying life without pain!” 

~ Letha Ressler

“ AMAZING. Every time I go I feel so grounded in Truth, and the last few sessions have been truly LIFE- SHIFTING. I have experienced transformative healing in the last 3 sessions; I have released DEEP blockages from this lifetime and past. I feel like a fresh, new person! It is phenomenal how divine spirits, angels, and beings work through Phyllis. Phyllis is the real deal! She is definitely someone who came to assist humanities ascension to higher spiritual places. ”

~ Daniel

 “I have Parkinson’s Disease and have been working with Phyllis for several months now. My first day with you was miraculous! I got up afterwards and started walking around like nothing was wrong. Though it only lasted a little while, it was such a relief! Anyway, I really appreciate you, and I love you! My sessions with you always improve my ability to move around and keep my balance, and it really has helped the neuropathy I have been experiencing in my lower legs and feet, and my circulation. My sessions with you and attending your fitness classes has made me stronger and more energetic than most people. You helped me recover quickly when I broke my hip.”

~ Stanley Shipcott ~ Video Testimonial

“I received my first Myofascial Release treatment approximately 2 ½ months ago.  From the very first session, I have experienced relief from the chronic pain and stress that I have been dealing with in my life.

The way Phyllis integrates her sound therapy [VibroAcoustic Sound Table] in her sessions adds a deeper dimension to the incredible body work that she performs.  This woman is a very knowledgeable and intuitive healer with a gift that is unique.  She has helped me to identify and resolve some of the causes of my pain.  I find myself looking forward to every treatment from Phyllis.

I am very grateful to have crossed paths with her and I don’t think I will ever be the same.”

~ Kent Dohy

“In one amazing moment Phyllis changed my posture.  She laid her hand on my chest and told me to lift my sternum upwards. I felt my back align.  After she released fascia all over my body I moved differently.  The changes were not things I would have known to complain about.  I literally moved differently, a wider range of motion, more freedom in my limbs.  Who wouldn’t have more energy after that.  I highly recommend her.”

~ Nora Quinn

“I have been working with Phyllis for several months now. I feel like I am using my body as originally designed. My sessions with her are creatively varied and draw my awareness to specific daily practices that have improved my overall flexibility and stamina. I no longer see “exercise programs” as endless repetitive grinds; now they have become a way of life.” 

~ Mike Wolfson

“I have worked with Phyllis for several sessions in Reconnective healing and I couldn’t be more pleased with the results I’ve found and continue to have. Periods of highs and lows are an absolute in life, and like many, I found myself needing some type of remediation. I had begun looking to traditional psychotherapy as I have in the past. After some difficulty in finding a therapist that worked for me and counsel in the direction that I felt was fitting, I knew I needed to find another type of medicine. I was instantly drawn to Phyllis’ work. In my first session with her, I experienced a sense of calmness and relaxation that I’ve never had in my life. After several sessions, I have come to find a much more tuned self. I have also felt a strong sense of alignment in my overall wellness- something I’ve never been able to see as clearly as now. Aside from her great work, she is a great soul! Very pleasant to work with; I felt comfortable and welcomed on my very first visit. Also, the debriefings are always very helpful and insightful; leaving you to really examine your experience as needed. Thank you Phyllis!”

~ Feliz Meraz

“I just wanted to say thank you again for helping me. I truly appreciate what you did. You have a definite gift and a beautiful personality that makes your gift that much more special! I have to laugh since after you worked on me, it took until 3:00 AM for me to settle down; I felt like I had drank twenty cups of coffee or something – I was so hyper. I guess I was still registering everything that happened.


“For close to a year and a half I was confined at home mostly sitting down due to severe back and sciatic pain. After receiving a medical diagnosis of a narrowing L4-L5 disc space and disc bulge in my lower back, the surgeon recommended immediate surgery. I postponed it, and proceeded to seek alternative treatment. The sessions that I have had with Phyllis Douglass have produced healing in very dramatic ways. Phyllis gently places her hands on my head as I feel energy pulsing at certain points along my body. Through this process of correcting energy imbalances, I have actually felt the effected area in by back move and shift producing a distinct decrease in pain. Her work has also alleviated emotional pain and blockages that have been a struggle for me. Altogether, I have improved amazingly. I can now attend to normal activities, including going for four mile walks. I am grateful for this experience which was totally new to me. It has opened my eyes to the amazing possibilities of intuitive healing.”

~ Karen B.

“I am struck by her presence and perceptibility as she works.”

~ Healing Client

“She touched me lightly and stated that there had been a traumatic experience in the past, and as she held her hand on my back, I felt my spine begin to move and literally uncoil from a curvature I have had since the age of 17!”

~ Nancy A.

“Phyllis has an imperceptible knack for pinpointing the key cause of dysfunction, no matter how elusive, and calling it out in a way that is gentle and compassionate.”

~ Healing Client

There are things that I don’t understand about her work and I know that it is due to my personal background and beliefs, but no matter what I think, it just simply works!!! I’m in a gradual process of releasing the pain I have carried for a VERY long time.”

~ Beverly C.

“My experience working with Phyllis Douglass has been transformational. Shortly before being diagnosed with breast cancer at 33, I had the good fortune of starting Reiki sessions with her on a weekly basis. With her energetic healings and spiritual support I have been able to stay strong during my surgeries and chemotherapy treatments as well as stay grounded during one of the most difficult times in my life. Addressing the energetic aspect of my illness has allowed me to understand the greater significance of this event in my life and as a result I have been able to move forward while letting go of past harmful or unproductive thoughts and practices. Above all, working with Phyllis I have realized that healing occurs on multiple levels and is a complex, powerful, and gratifying endeavor.”

~ Melissa M.

“Phyllis Douglass is a special person. She has a non-intrusive way of getting you in touch with your self, your body, and your world. Spirituality is not something that I have spent a lot of time developing in my life. By experiencing several techniques with Phyllis, I was able to connect many aspects of my being and my world. I am now feeling more relaxed, hopeful, and positive about health issues that have been troubling me for several years. What I learned from working with Phyllis I will continue to apply for the rest of my life. She has definitely contributed to my more positive outlook.”

~ Lynne D.

“After seeing Phyllis Douglass I can tell you, in all honesty, I have felt more at peace within myself. This is no small achievement on her part and I believe the responsibility for this improvement lies completely in her talent to connect with your problems, be they emotional or physical, and enable you to let them go. For me, she has been invaluable and I am grateful to have her help. She is a person to be treasured not only for her kindness and thoughtfulness, but also for the talent she is blessed to have and her willingness to share it.”

 ~ Carolan B.

“Discovering energy healing work has opened up a new world for me. I have more energy and a much more positive outlook on life. As a bonus, my blood pressure was lowered by 20 points. Phyllis Douglass is completely professional and well versed. She was able to sense what my body needed and direct my energy to help with some aches and pains that I was experiencing. I just lay down and relax, and while Phyllis works, I can feel the energy moving. My first session left me with a sense of well being that I hadn’t had in a long time.

~ Carole L.

 “You worked on a tumor that had been found in my left breast. Several weeks later I went to see my Oncologist to get a scan to determine how best to remove the tumor. They completed the scan and my Oncologist later returned to the room with the results and asked me why I had been under the impression that I had a breast tumor. They had found nothing out of the ordinary. I just smiled and told him that the tumor had been found and images attained, through earlier diagnostic procedures. He asked to have the records sent to him for review.

~ Group Healing Participant

“Phyllis Douglass, owner of SOMA BODHI, brings an entirely new meaning to the concept of Holistic Healing. With her beautiful, classically trained voice and astounding crystal bowl concerts, Phyllis is able to facilitate a level of relaxation allowing for deep healing and reconnection. I was moved beyond tears when I experienced first hand, the magic she initiated in our healing session. I was able to flow with the music to a place where I knew my guides and angels were very near and with her guidance, I shed many old programs and unnecessary thoughts. The frequencies and tones Phyllis played gently guided me to higher ground where I was able to open beyond the crown chakra to reconnect with my soul.”

~ Victoria Arkle, owner of The Angel Connection


“I am deeply grateful and very blessed after my Akashic Soul Path Healing session with Phyllis Douglass yesterday!

I have been working on clearing negative thought forms, patterns and energies for quite a long time now, never really being able to stay clear, no matter what.  All of this has now changed after my session with Phyllis!  She was able to remove and transmute specific aspects of my life through my Akashic Records, so that finally, I am released!  Negative energy, entities, reversal aspects have been removed, energy rearranged, and I have now been able to experience a truly grounded, spiritual repatterning of my soul purpose.

Not only in the physical realm, but energetically I am more fully present and grounded, but also feeling immense blissful expansion in my spiritual fields – accessing my full self – my full soul!  Phyllis also
was able to bring in my Sacred Light Scroll and I am now able to access an entirely different and profound wealth of spirit that I was unable to ever access previously.   Phyllis and I also experienced a mutual sacred healing activation pattern – one that provided spiritual, emotional and physical healing to both of us bestowed in divine Grace; a pattern that we can recognized and can now utilize as we move forward.

I am so excited for this new shift in my spirituality, my conscious evolution, and my freedom to now access the gifts that I have carried with me for so long!

Thank you Phyllis, thank you Spirit, thank you to our Divine Creator!!!”

~ Annemarie

“I have never felt more connected, and feel that someone (Phyllis), has truly taken the time to listen to me and respond in a meaningful way. Our time spent together in my Akashic Soul Path Healing was extraordinary! She tapped quickly into the reasons behind frequent life challenges, in a very a unique manner that is all her own. And released a negative pattern I had stemming from an old relationship, and emotions held in my shoulder from past childhood trauma. She is definitely the real deal!”

~ Alice P.

“I felt as though I knew what you were saying. My soul was joyful to hear the words. As if I was hearing my language. Thank you.”

~ K. Guthrie 

“Thank you for this. I needed this at this very moment. You helped my soul find some peace which is what I have been praying for all day. You are an answer to my prayer. I’m so blessed to know you angel friend. I feel grounded and stronger. I let that hurt go in this meditation with you. XO”

~ H. Mahkorn

“This magnificent artist and student of mine, Vox Angelus, has released her first album. Her voice and sounds are a true example of Toltec Art. I highly recommend you listen to this album. You are in for a transformative and delightful treat! She is a level IV Aka Dua initiate, and swiftly moving to her level 5. Her voice is a channel for her attainment and power. Thank you, Vox Angelus, for sharing your gifts with humanity!”

~ Koyote the Blind, Toltec Nahual


“Last night at the 333 Tibetan Healing Bowl “TOUR OF LOVE” with Dr. Dream and his team of Angels…..If you’ve never experienced Vox Angelus (Phyllis Douglass) you must check this out.  Her voice is truly transcendent!  You can actually see me in the background of the video wiping away tears of pure bliss that is her voice!”

“Phyllis, your presence filled my soul last night! I’m thankful to have been a part of such a beautiful experience! I’m still in awe of you and can still hear your beautiful voice resonating through me…you moved me to tears of the utmost love and joy!!! Thank you!”

“One word, “incredible”… Thank you for sharing your beauty with us! I was blown away!”

Just thinking about it gives me goosebumps! The energy I was feeling while you were singing was beautiful, words can hardly describe it! Loved every moment of the experience last night

“Listening to the singing bowls and all the other instruments created a visceral experience. It was a deep listening from a cellular level, not just sound coming in through my ears. I touched in with the indigenous spirits of the Earth and released a lot of things I was holding onto with the waves of sound washing through me. It was a very cleansing experience!”

“The resonance of her voice flowed through my body and I began to tremor noticably, and as tears streamed down my face, I knew that something had changed … listening to her singular voice I heard many.”

“She is a conduit for Light, and her vocal range is extraordinary. As she sang, it felt as if I were being encased in a nurturing womb of loving energy.”

“There was a lull between sounds where I sat awaiting my next breath, not sure what to expect when I reached the other side, transcended by the call of her voice. It was a remarkable experience and she emanated such love and grace!”

“Her work with SOUND and ENERGY is about moving, shaping and transforming vibrational energy and frequency.  Known also as a Shaman of Song, she sings or sounds from a deep state of Being and connection with spiritual light, to bring forth the transcendent aspects of healing energy, love, peace and joy.  She does this in a way that is beneficial to All, to open pathways that might otherwise be closed, and bring one closer to their true essence of being.”


“I was in the phase of yearning for more understanding about myself and my choices and the Goddess retreat, which honored the balance of inner wisdom and godly energy to enlighten and lighten the demands of life, was a perfect forum.  The weekend was a chance to meet women on a quest for something more profoundly illuminating of who they are and how to embrace that knowledge.  It became a time to be open to the questions as well as the answers.  With Vox Angelus, it was a sacred space of safety and harmony to explore and unleash some deeply rooted angst or troubles as well as to find meaning in a new spiritual path or long desired change.  The collective compassion of the women was very healing and uplifting.  The few hours of being among amazingly brave women will be a treasured memory for me.”

~ DSH (Medicine for the Goddess Retreat)

“Prior to attending the Shamanic Sound Healing Retreat, a friend who had been to one of Phyllis’ concerts assured me I would not be disappointed.  Add to what he likely experienced, a diverse group of quality individuals to interact with for the week end, a guest artist, drum circle, bonfire, super moon, chanting, a yoga class, and one’s own sincere intention, all set in the peace of the desert, on a vortex at the Integratron …, and you have the makings for a once in a lifetime experience.

As for the effectiveness of the shamanic aspects of the program for myself, I had a few valuable insights while there, and a door seems to have opened for me in terms of greater dream clarity, recall, and ease of interpretation. I’m taking notes.

Future events of this nature could easily book solid far in advance as word gets out, so for anyone who finds themselves with the opportunity; don’t hesitate.

Thank you, Phyllis, for acting on your inspiration in bringing the retreat to conventional reality.”

~ Eric Hawkins (Sound Healing Retreat)

“Thank you for a wonderful mind and body experience last weekend in Landers at The Integratron.

This was an experience far beyond what I imagined when I signed up.  Your performance with Scott Shepherd was beyond words.

For what began as light and casual sound performance, evolved into full angelic waves of saturating warmth.  And when you began the soothing sounds of your soprano voice, I went to another place in my mind.

Then I stayed there for a while.  This was a new experience for me.

Many Blessings to you.”

~ Ty Thompson / Multi Media Producer /  Director / Los Angeles  (Sound Healing Retreat)

“Thank you for a wonderful, powerful and rejuvenating experience.  The combination of being at the Integratron, your concert with the Crystal Bowls and sharing with others made for a perfect experience for me.  I came to the space feeling tired and in need of replenishing, in the morning and to this day, I feel rebalanced and energized.  The entire “Messages for the World” event was perfect for me and I’m thankful to have been a part. Thank you!  I hope to have a chance to meet with you again and do another workshop or Crystal Bowls training.”

~ Wendy Duncan  (Sound Healing Retreat)

“What a weekend…the Integratron, the concert, connecting with other healers, your chanting and drumming, the Angel Yoga…all of it. I am glad we got there a little early and had a chance to chat with you before it got real busy. The energy there was incredible and it was amplified by your concert and meditation. I am still feeling the positive energy of the weekend. Thank you!  Please let us know if you plan any future events at the Integratron. Namaste.”

~ Wally Duncan  (Sound Healing Retreat)

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