VOCAL ALCHEMY — The Ancient Toltec Art of the Telling

“Within the ordinary, non-ordinary, and extraordinary worlds, Vox Angelus (Phyllis Douglass) is a walker on the razor’s edge.” IMG_8207
She is a Vocal Alchemist, creating soundscapes of song and sound improvised from the heart through divine inspiration for the purpose of creating conscious and mindful connection, inspiration, and the healing of wounds to body, mind, and spirit for all being everywhere. Within a sacred space a tapestry of sound containing frequency, light, and information is energetically woven, encompassing and connecting each individual that is present.

This is a form of the ancient Toltec Art of The Telling.

The calling to step into this role came through her ancestors and direct lineage. She has delved deeply into study of Native American, South African, Peruvian, and Toltec shamanic traditions, ritual, and ceremony, which culminated in the development of her Toltec Shamanic practice. She performs her Tellings as a means of spiritual and angelic expression to convey messages from other worlds, higher realms, and Source.”

Each Telling shares messages to humanity from the higher realms and other worlds through the use of song, spoken word, physical movement, mudras, imagery, musical instruments, and the Celestial Language of the Angels understood on a soul level which often activates an emotional, mental, and/or physical response. Every performance is a multidimensional experience which speaks differently to each individual, with the ability to send you into a deep meditative state, altered states of consciousness, and open you to voyaging or journeying where answers and healing can be received, and transformative shifts occur.

The ancient Toltec Art of the Telling is an improvisational performance through the guidance and facilitation of ones Holy Guardian Angel, that cannot be repeated. Each performance is typically focused around a specific theme that is experiential in nature and providing a different experience for each audience member.

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// “I was profoundly moved by Vox Angelus. Her voice was etherial, spiritual, angelic, and took me by surprise! The tears began to flow because my heart just wanted to burst.”

// “Within the first few moments I had to open my eyes and look, thinking there had to be more than one person singing! I felt empowered to take action in my life. And hearing her voice left me deeply relaxed, and I released some heavy energy I had been carrying for years!”

// “I cannot describe what I am feeling inside. Love. An overwhelming sense of peace and gratitude. I looked around me and saw several people with tears streaming down their faces.”

// “I’ve never experienced anything like this before! The pain I had been experiencing in my hip is totally gone!

// “I’ve heard first-hand testimonials, and everyone has expressed an immediate, profound touch from within and from above. Centers are turned on and channels activated in what seems to be specific and unique sequences. Everyone has demonstrated different levels of awareness with it; and regardless of how they experience it or describe it, all seem to have been touched by the Angel.”