Being an Entrepreneur of Life

faith life purpose self love spiritual connection spirituality transformation Nov 05, 2021

“To succeed as an entrepreneur, you need to move away from the herd and develop the habit of thinking independently.” 

True. If your attempting to do the same thing as everyone else, you’re going to have difficulty succeeding. 

We all have beautiful gifts we brought into this lifetime. And these gifts are meant to be nurtured and positively fueled—no matter what other people think or say. They are not you. It is your life. Your experience. 

It took a long time for me to realize this. To grasp my own truth, my own life experience, the beauty of following my own path. The insight is liberating. The flow of inspiration is intoxicating when you willingly ‘Let Go’. 

It’s hard to wave goodbye to the past. It’s hard to turn your back and walk forward. It’s even harder to keep moving forward, when the pull of the past causes you to lose traction.

Letting go was not an easy task. Letting go meant a ‘loss of identity’. Who I thought myself to be was slowly erased from the chalkboard, where I had painstakingly written my story. I had an outline and deeply thought out character analysis, that promised me a #1 Best Seller. 

That wasn’t the case, because it wasn’t my story. It was written based upon inaccurate and outdated belief systems. An old paradigm. Many seemingly profound passages came from faulty teachings, and the persuasiveness of others, that cannot—could not—standup to the passage of time. . . 

Because the story wasn’t true for me. Stated differently, none of it was my truth. 

Now my life is about deeply listening and following the heartfelt inspirations that are rapidly propelling me forward. It’s a familiar path, but not from this lifetime. It’s like the culmination of previous iterations of a physical construct, building and expanding upon the last. I have memories that are mine and not mine at the same time. They are of One Mind. One Source. One Thought. One Creation. 

Yet, they are indeed mine. A connection to the Infinite that serves as jet fuel propulsion, to live this life as it was meant to be lived. To be who I’m meant to be. To know the simplicity of it all that was set into place in the beginning. 

Life is not meant to be a fight. Life is not meant to be conquered. Life is simply meant to be experienced between our birth on an intake of breath, and our death on our final exhalation. 

Within the in-between we are meant to dance, and love, and play, and laugh, and cry, and express ourselves eloquently in the beautiful, physical form we have been given. 

We are all individuations of God, and our thoughts create within this present moment. 

I cannot successfully be You. And you cannot be Me. We are differentiated in physical form, and the experiences we choose are based on how we are filtering the external and internal information we receive. Our filter or lens through which we see the world, is based upon the past. 

When we are open and allowing for the past to remain in the past, so as not to influence the present, than we have more clarity and grounding within our own truth. 

We begin to see the world differently. And we between to interact and move within it differently. 

We begin to see the missing pieces of the puzzle. 

We begin to see a different path forward that becomes more and more illuminated with each step. 

We become. 

Don’t blindly follow what you deem as sameness or similarity, thinking it will get you to the same place as another person whose role within this lifetime, you are coveting as your own. 

It’s not your life, nor your experience. 

Don’t hold deftly to the coattails of another, no matter how much respect and honor you have for them. They serve as your teachers, and you are meant to take those tools and methods you’ve learned, and make them your own. 

Allow your own gifts to develop and flourish, fueled by the gifts of the past and the things you’ve learned that you honestly cherish, and that serve you in a positive way. 

And lastly, fear is your ego trying to save you from making the same mistakes of the past. 

The past doesn’t exist in the present. If it does, it is only within your own mind. Use any fear or anxiety that arises as a catalyst to propel you forward. 

When you take that step forward and don’t immediately die, or experience that catastrophic incident formulating within your mind based upon your past story, you will have found a new truth and understand that all is okay. 

You will sing your own praises and do a little jig inspired by true joy and gratitude. Not the made up shit that inspires the classic, “I’m fine”, answer to that dreaded question when your not ‘fine’. . . 

“How are you doing today?” 

Nope. True joy and gratitude like you’ve never allowed yourself to feel and experience in the past. 

So today, get a good read on where the herd is headed, and allow your heart to guide you on a new and different path. The direction that your soul desires to travel, transporting you to your next experience within this remarkable life you’ve been given.  

One love,  

Phyllis Anne

Imagine a life where you are fully aligned and in resonance with your true path and purpose, feeling a deep sense of harmony and fulfillment every day. My sacred work with Elohim and your higher guidance, unlocks this potential within YOU, so you can access your own innate and divine intelligence, wisdom, and healing!


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