faith healing inspiration resilience self love spiritual connection transformation Sep 15, 2021

It's so funny that this phrase seems to have arrived within every aspect of my life. It popped up in a reading, and I didn't even remember it's universal meaning--Keep It Simple Stupid. Not the I care necessarily for the 'stupid' part of the equation, but it does draw your attention back to the fact as the Angels state--Humankind loves to muddy up the waters and make things complicated, when Infinite Source--God--has made it expressly simple. 

The 'stupid' part jolts me back into alignment with this state of simplicity, and announces that I was becoming distracted by old stuff, or old patterns, or things that are occurring within my external environment. Basically things that serve no positive purpose to the desired outcome. 

I was reminded as well from many different avenues, to follow nothing other than INSPIRATIONS I receive, that are indeed divinely inspired and targeted, to keep me aligned with the forces of liberation, love and unity. 

So much has evolved over the last few months as I've aligned with this focus, and 'let shit go', as the saying goes. The extraordinary evolution of the work that I am doing. The elevated quotient of joy that has resurfaced within this life. And even the ability to understand my diagnosis of colon cancer, and follow the inspirations that are guiding me to the other side of what a deem to be more of a spiritual transfiguration, then a health crises or disease that I should fear--or emotionally or mentally emulate. 

I'm good. Really good, though I'm not looking forward to my upcoming surgery. 

So many people have come forward to assist me in every way possible, and for that I am most grateful. And actually, it humbled me as someone so used to helping others, that so many people love, honor and respect me. That healed a small chasm within my heart, that did not recognize that to be true. And it brought a sense of calm and stillness to my very being that I deeply appreciate. My GoFundMe was a full success within only three days, so that I was able to participate in adjunct treatments that were not covered by insurance! 

For that, I express my gratitude and appreciation to everyone who stepped forward with funds, heartfelt shares, loving and focused healing vibes, and every in-between that I've received towards this new path of healing and recovery. 

Begin to understand the immensity of who you truly are, and that no one is separate of the ONE, Infinite Source of all things. We are each an individuation of this intelligent Source, and are being guided to understand and acknowledge this force that unifies us. There is no separation from each other. There is no separation from anything that exists. 

And that Infinite Source is a force of unconditional LOVE, that nothing else can ever penetrate. Anything else resides within your own mind, and the minds of others whom choose to align with the power of the same accumulated thoughts, voices, and actions that create something 'else', that is a distortion and in misalignment with the Law of ONE. 

That is how humanity has rolled, and will be until it doesn't. That time is coming and awaits us with open hearts, and open arms. 

Much love, 

Phyllis Anne

Imagine a life where you are fully aligned and in resonance with your true path and purpose, feeling a deep sense of harmony and fulfillment every day. My sacred work with Elohim and your higher guidance, unlocks this potential within YOU, so you can access your own innate and divine intelligence, wisdom, and healing!


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