Living In-between Beginnings and Endings

faith life purpose manifestation spirituality Sep 03, 2019

One day I was asking God a question about the manifestation of our desires. And I was told that what we are attempting to manifest in any given moment, is not as important as the journey taken to get there. It’s the path we choose to take, and the subtle nuances that occur along the way to nudge us forward and towards our goal that is most important - not what we receive at the end. Many people’s lives are focused on the outcome of their actions, and driven by what they wish to receive and achieve versus how they obtain it. 

Every aspect of our lives follows a similar course of ‘living between’ the beginning and end of something; and quintessentially, the act of living also falls between our birth and our passing on to the next adventure. It is the dash between the day we are born and the day we leave our physical form to return to Source. 

So why are we here? 

To live life fully as we stand in our own truth. We learn a multitude of things along the way; and are asked to acknowledge what is not in resonance with our true path and purpose - seen and felt through the infinite understanding of the heart - and let it go. 

And then we illuminate the lives of others, by sharing what we have discovered through our failures, losses, and successes. 

Life is about lingering within the space in-between the beginnings and ends, and remaining detached from the outcome. This is the space where the magic happens! 

Life is like a beautiful work of art, and the magic lies within the medium used to create the art, versus the final outcome of your endeavors. When people view true artistry – your life from the outside – they see beauty, depth, and a meaningful projection that they can relate to and be inspired by as a fellow traveler. It is when we are no longer physically here, that our work of art becomes magical through the memories of those left behind. 

Creating our life as art can be challenging, uncomfortable, and even provocative. That is part of truly living. Art is not perfect, and not everyone will like or understand what you have created…even you, and that’s perfectly okay. From the perspective of an artist, one must be present in the moment; taking in their environment and weaving each element together in a way that makes it more beautiful, even throughout challenging times.

 And the thing about art is that it is ever evolving and alterable. 

When we choose to creatively live within the space in-between, the final outcome or destination will always be more than we expected, and all that we need.


Imagine a life where you are fully aligned and in resonance with your true path and purpose, feeling a deep sense of harmony and fulfillment every day. My sacred work with Elohim and your higher guidance, unlocks this potential within YOU, so you can access your own innate and divine intelligence, wisdom, and healing!


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