To Hold The World

alignment faith inspiration spiritual connection spirituality Feb 13, 2021

Within you exists the creator of all that you interpret within your reality. And that creator works within and through you to express itself into the world. We cannot separate ourselves from that to which we are infinitely connected. We cannot separate ourselves from those whom walk beside us, walk behind us, or lead the way. We cannot do this because we are them, and they are us through an intricate web of connection that weaves through all things in existence.  

Your body of eternal and infinite expressive force created what lies behind you--and is the creator of all that resides within the future existence of humanity.  

What you perceive as your creator, and force of expression energetically working through you and expressing itself out into this world—is YOU. It does not reside outside of self within an obscure and disconnected dominion that hovers authoritatively over its creation. It resides within every aspect of its creation to experience life through you—an instrument of physical expression that continues its creation within the present moment. This is how we are able to change the present. We do so by creating a new future within THIS moment forward. 

Your ability as a creator is not something that you have to search for as it resides within you. It is not something that needs to be induced through an outside force or experience. You needn’t await its arrival from places unknown, because it is already here. There are many opportunities to assist the opening of a door to higher understanding and spiritual awareness, but they are not needed. The points of access and departure from the physical world reside within you. 

Humanity as a whole, is a community that lives with and for each other. Even if you do not realize this as being so. Each stroke of injustice or act of love and compassionate action, affects each and every one of us on the level of understanding that we are open and willing to entertain--and sustain within ourselves as truth. This is through self-realization and self-actualization, and the reason you are here. It is the ‘aliveness’ that fuels our human experience. We are here to live our lives in a way that allows us to adjust and adapt, and to evolve our perception of reality. 

This body in all its shapes, forms and sizes holds great beauty and strength. This body is an intelligent and resourceful instrument of evolutionary change. This body is a witness to crowning achievements and devastating failures. This body is capable of moving you to do great things. Yet, this body is not who you are. 

You are an eternal, undefinable, and extraordinary creator of the world you caress lovingly between your hands.

Imagine a life where you are fully aligned and in resonance with your true path and purpose, feeling a deep sense of harmony and fulfillment every day. My sacred work with Elohim and your higher guidance, unlocks this potential within YOU, so you can access your own innate and divine intelligence, wisdom, and healing!


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