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Body Awakening Sessions

Body Awakening sessions encompass a therapeutic body of work that activates your inner healing wisdom and intelligence, by creating the space needed to release pain & dysfunction, and allow the body and mind to transform itself. The ability to heal resides within you.


Within each of us resides an innate and infinite wisdom, and ability to transform and heal ourselves of physical and emotional pain, and trauma. In your private session, I intuitively orchestrate your own ability to access the core of what you are experiencing within your physical body and energy field. Sessions integrate advanced manual therapies and energy healing technologies to clear, rebalance, realign and create the flow, space and motion needed to create change or direct transformation.

In addition to being an Expert Level - John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Therapist, I also offer integrated sessions which may include spiritually advanced energy healing techniques and therapeutic sound, to assist your ability to clear and balance the energy centers (Chakras), release stagnant energy, remove blockages, detach emotional cords, and unveil limiting beliefs and negative patterns that are keeping you from aligning with greater physical and emotional health, happiness, and abundance throughout all aspects of your life!


Sessions are a co-creation between you, and myself as the therapist and practitioner, and personalized to ensure you receive the best possible outcome imaginable.