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Sat, Aug 05


Idyllwild-Pine Cove

MUdra Kama: Ancient Lemurian Pathway to Spiritual Liberation

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MUdra Kama: Ancient Lemurian Pathway to Spiritual Liberation
MUdra Kama: Ancient Lemurian Pathway to Spiritual Liberation

Time & Location

Aug 05, 2023, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Idyllwild-Pine Cove, Idyllwild-Pine Cove, CA, USA

About the event

MUdra Kama: Ancient Lemurian Pathway to Spiritual Liberation | Lemurian Ascension Technology - Level 1 - 2

with Phyllis Anne Douglass

MUdra Kama is a sacred and ancient spiritual practice of the Lemurians, which opens and clarifies our channel of divine communication to Infinite Source consciousness - God. This connection allows us to feel more balanced, intuitively open, spiritually expanded, and connected to our gifts, our true path, and our purpose for choosing to journey through this physical life. In essence, it is a magical path to liberation!

MUDRA KAMA is a Lemurian technology of ancient Lemurian Alchemical Codes transmitted through encoded Hand & Body Mudras, to elevate and expand your Spiritual Consciousness, and assist processes of Self-Realization, Awakening, Transformation, Liberation, and Ascension.

There was a time when the Ancient Ones freely walked this world, and they walk with us still within another dimensional realm, with the ability to traverse back and forth, transmogrify, and communicate telepathically amongst themselves – and with those who are attuned. These Ancient Ones, the Lemurians, followed great tradition, scientific inquiry, spiritual hubris, with an understanding of our true nature of being, the laws of the Universe, and the ways and means of self-spiritual attainment.

The highest levels of spiritual attainment were reached through sacred practices taken to the heart and mind of each individual. There are teachers and masters who share the path within Lemurian society, and to humanity through various means. However, they share their knowledge from the understanding that the TRUE teacher resides within us all, as do the same magical capabilities with proper nurturing and understanding.

How did I come about learning this ancient technology?

One morning, four Lemurian Elders arrived seemingly out of nowhere into my bedroom, and requested that I bring this gift of MUdra Kama to humanity. I was nonplussed, but it felt as if I had known them my entire life. So I said, "Yes", even though I had no idea what it was. They brought me with them and returned me to my bedside four hours later, and I then had full knowledge of this ancient system, and created and began teaching this workshop. They often show up at the workshops and add new tidbits to the teachings, based upon the participants.

Join us for this MUdra Kama training, where you will receive the Lemurian Alchemy Frequencies Transmission, and learn seven powerful Mudras for healing and spiritual transfiguration that assist the process of our spiritual unfoldment and Ascension - the raising of ones’ light frequencies to a point of Celestial Frequency where we acknowledge and recognize our own divinity. Within this state of divine radiance, we hold complete awareness that Infinite Source--God works As and Through us, and we approach all aspects of our lives from this state of heightened awareness, consciousness, and intuition. As you work with MUdra Kama, you will more deeply access and/or awaken latent spiritual gifts and abilities, and align with your true path and purpose. This ancient spiritual practice is for YOU, and holds lifetime benefit with continued practice that positively affects every aspect of your life, both physical and nonphysical. In addition, it has the ability to exponentially elevate any spiritual or healing methods and modalities that you currently practice, enhance creativity, promote and expedite healing on all levels, and karmic release.

The Soul Frequencies of Lemuria are...

1. Bio-conductive, electromagnetic frequencies, which effect the entire body on a cellular level.

2. Transfigurative in nature, activating dormant DNA and reconnecting light strands to bring one closer to our natural, divine state of being within the physical vehicle.

3. A powerful creative source of expression through a system of Mudras, each having a primary focus, as well as creating a divine stream of consciousness effecting body, mind, and soul when performed as a Magical Pass - a flowing sequence of Mudras with the intake and out-take of the breath.

Mechanisms at play within the physical body...

The body is primarily made up of water. Each water molecule containing salt and diverse ions, making it an excellent conductor of electricity. A primary point of focus being the opening of the Heart, followed by a subsequent elevation of spiritual consciousness. The heart is the greatest generator of electricity within the entire body; the pumping and spiral motion creating a magnetic field that extends well beyond the surface of the skin. It creates electricity, sound, pressure, heat, light, magnetic and electromagnetic signals.

And the fascial system - the connective tissue that surrounds every aspect of our body - is an extraordinary, crystalline causeway of electricity and light impulses, as the circulatory system pulses with electricity with each beat of the heart, and the body moves through the mechanisms of motion with a key focus on the breath.

REGISTRATION: $333 (Includes MUdra Kama Training Manual and Reference Materials, which you will receive at check-in for the workshop.)


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