Group Experiences

Discover the Source within.

Each of us has the ability within to change the trajectory of our lives, and to choose to walk a different path. Our true path resides within our heart, and when we are balanced and in alignment with our purpose for being HERE now, it makes us excited, happy, resilient, and unlimited!


Reconnect with YOU and revitalize your foundation for maintaining balance, stability, and vibrant health through workshops, classes, sound meditations, spiritual and healing certifications, and retreats that challenge and breakthrough perceived limitations, resistance, self-sabotage, old beliefs and conditioning to create fluidity, ease and joy!


I offer the AKA DUA Level 1 Initiate Transmission, Level 2 Attunement, and Level 3 Mastery, and MUdra KAMA: A Lemurian Ascension Tool trainings in a group format, or one-to-one. To book one-to-one training and mentorship, go to BOOK YOUR SESSION​ to schedule. If you are interested in having me teach in a group format at your location, please contact me to schedule.