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Elohim refers to Phyllis Anne Douglass as a "Transcendent Bridge" and divine vessel, capable of facilitating states of awareness and consciousness, above and beyond the range of normal or merely physical human experience. It is the Art of the UNDOING.



CAMTC ID# 56843, NPI# 1447852017 | RYT 500, ERYT 200, YACEP

I am Vox Angelus, the "Voice of the Angel", an Invocational Vocal Artist, Mediumistic Seer and Healer, bringing through multidimensional music and wisdom beyond the New Age, from higher dimensions. As a direct and embodied conduit for the consciousness of Elohim and Infinite Source, I'm able to receive and transcribe the highest, Heavenly Sound Signatures of sacred design and creation to shift, align, reconfigure, and attune your resonant frequencies through directed Vocal and Energetic Transmissions using sound, sacred geometrics, spoken and written word, movement, and spiritual art. I work privately with individual clients and groups online, and in-person. 

Elohim refers to me as a "Transcendent Bridge" and divine vessel, capable of facilitating states of awareness and consciousness, above and beyond the range of normal or merely physical human experience.


I sing and speak in the ancient and Infinite Language of God's Light, and transmit energy that awakens soul remembrance to shift, activate, and realign your resonant frequency with your Soul Blueprint. This guides and facilitates your innate healing abilities, helps reveal your souls true path and purpose, expand spiritual gifts and intuitive abilities, assists DNA and cellular actuation, and opens the door to transformation on all levels--physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic.​

Simply stated, I will help unravel and release the core influences that are keeping you from moving forward in life! 

I practice and share what Elohim calls the "Art of the UNDOING", using encoded frequency, energy, resonance, and vibration as the catalyst for evolutionary and revolutionary transformation, healing and change. We are here to awaken to a Higher Spiritual Truth, experience our Soul's full expression in this physical life, and to share the truth of who we are in our own beautiful, authentic, and unique ways.

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Elohim is the highest consciousness to intervene and interact with humanity as we awaken to our true nature; evolve individually and as a collective, and to assist our process of Ascension. Elohim is the creator and architect of our existence; and one of the original seeds of human consciousness. This includes the hierarchy of Angels.


All aspects of who you are emanates a beautiful symphony of frequency, energy, resonance, and vibration; that is always seeking to be in alignment with what Elohim refers to as your "Holy Template". It is the configuration of this template, that is calling us home to our true and infinite selves. This is in essence, how I communicate with God.


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  • Experience transformative healing of mind, body and spirit

  • Balancing and realignment of resonant Soul Frequency

  • Heart opening through release of past trauma and emotions

  • Ancestral and past life healing

  • Heightening of clairvoyant and psychic senses

  • Release of self-limiting beliefs that are keeping you from living an abundant life

  • Removal of energetic distortions and blockages

  •  Unfolding of your spiritual gifts and life purpose 

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"My session with Phyllis was everything I had hoped for and more - her warmth and generosity of spirit settled me in immediately and her voice needs to be experienced to be believed.

The messages that came through were spot on and I feel truly blessed for that moment of direct connection with Spirit and the Elohim, through Phyllis, and all the healing and guidance that was imparted.

Thank you! I cannot imagine moving through life and it’s transformational moments without you and your beautiful work for guidance."


"Working with Phyllis was a joy! She has an authentic ease about her I so appreciated... from her generous sharing during the Discovery Session to her unique and masterful Healing Session with the Elohim.

I felt seen, respected and embraced by her presence in a very empowering way. The energy she creates and opens is palpable and her angelic voice saturates all the work in a beautiful vibrational resonance!

A week after my session, I feel as though I was given a satchel of gifts each magically aligned to unwrap in perfect timing, creating shifts in my awareness along with the gorgeous Alchemy Symbol to meditate upon. Phyllis is a gift that must be experienced!"


“ When I was in Phyllis’s presence I felt something unique and powerful about her. This is, by no means, the 'run of the mill spiritual reading, divination, healing session'. It is something I've never experienced in this lifetime! This beautiful soul has an extremely unique way of moving through portals and not just unlocking hidden blockages but clearing them, and giving gifts from other dimensions. Words are no match for capturing my experience. My session was met with tears, joy, unexplained connections and presences. She is a phenomenal, unique other worldly gifted angelic life form walking amongst us! Thank you so much, Phyllis!"


"The Soul Resonance Realignment session with Phyllis was very powerful and moving on many levels. I felt a wonderful shift which left me feeling lighter and more at ease within. The guidance and channelled messages have helped me move forward on my journey with clarity and confidence - a very humbling experience. I would recommend it to anyone going through a major life transition. Thank you Phyllis for sharing your beautiful voice and light. Much gratitude!"

Phyllis Anne Douglass

CMT, CPT, ERYT 500, CAMTC ID# 56843

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