A Message from Gaia

I received this message directly from Gaia while attending a Myofascial Release Therapy training in Sedona, AZ in 2015. We were given an assignment to fulfill on our lunch break, to connect with the Earth. I remember being drawn to an area where the rising vortex energy caused the trunk of the tree to spiral and ripple. I heard the whispers of a gentle voice that gained clarity as I lowered myself down and literally placed my ear upon the ground. The voice kept stating, "It is I, Gaia." When I sprawled prone on the earth, Gaia spoke to me and sent her energy upwards bringing tears to my eyes.

It appears that it is now time to share it:

"Fear is what releases Man from the culpability of their own divinity. The inherent action of love is what illeviates the impinging thoughts, filters, and actions, so that one may once again claim their divine birthright. To be connected in a direct manner with the very integral depths of your Being, with the true essence of the