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Aka Dua - Quantum Healing & Consciousness Technology

Updated: Dec 7, 2018

The words Aka Dua are Egyptian and defined as “unity uttermost shown”, and it is a physical substance with energetic properties that emanates a field of energy.

It is this “field of energy” that you feel and utilize once you have received an Aka Dua transmission, and not the substance itself.  This ancient shamanic energy current is said to originate from the time of the legendary Atlanteans, and would be found within the oldest Egyptian rituals, and the time of Ce Acatl, the last king of the Toltecs who was the incarnation of Quetzalcoatl. He was exiled in 965 AD, and sent his priests and priestesses to teach people secretly in small groups, first teaching only nobility. Following this Toltec lineage, they continued passing on this information in small groups and always in secret throughout the continents. Each civilization had a fragment of this energy. No one particular group had the substance in its entirety. The Toltecs who have lived in hiding all these centuries maintain a rich stock of legends and stories about the Aka Dua and its origins.

It was known as “The Power”.

According to the Toltec legends, the Aka Dua began one-seventh part of an Atlantean alchemical substance called Sro. The Sro was a substance intended to promote evolution, which was the Atlantean’s main preoccupation. One of the differences in regards to other healing techniques, is that the Aka Dua was purified and refined for thousands of years, specifically to assist our alchemical transformation and ease planetary transition. In 2007, after being hidden deliberately for 1000 years, Koyote The Blind, a Toltec Nahaul, released it to the public.

The Aka Dua is capable of facilitating profound changes on all levels of your being physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and can significantly alter consciousness when working with it within meditation and spiritual practices, and throughout creative processes. If you are a practitioner within another healing methodology or tradition, the Aka Dua will enhance the level of your practice!

Testimonials from Qi Gong Masters, Reiki practitioners, Massage Therapists, Artists, Musicians, and healthcare professionals have stated that receiving the Aka Dua significantly boosted the level of their practice by intensifying the energetic aspect of their work, heightening their level of intuition, elevating the level of their creativity and flow, and offering an enhancement to their current techniques and treatments protocols. Personally, I have experienced profound healing and spiritual transformation that I directly attribute to my work with the Aka Dua.

I presently offer the Aka Dua Level 1 Transmission, Level 2 Attunement, and Level 3 Mastery.

Having received my Aka Dua Level 5, I am now part of a lineage of spiritual teachers who can be traced back to Ce Acatl, through my teacher and benefactor, Koyote the Blind.


The Aka Dua consists of five levels available on this planet, out of seven possible levels. The first three levels are accessible to the ordinary individual. Level Four is only available to those who have attained a certain degree of spiritual evolution.

The Aka Dua is expressed in seven distinct vibrational frequencies: Solar (including Solar Jaguar), Lunar, Atmospheric, Volcanic, Oceanic, Obsidian, and Unnamed.

Aka Dua Level 1 is reached when the recipient takes a transmission of the Aka Dua substance. Over the next 28 days, the Aka Dua becomes a part of the recipient’s body. The Aka Dua Level One recipient usually has access to one or two of the Aka Dua vibrational frequencies.

Aka Dua Level 2 is reached when the recipient takes an attunement that allows him or her to individually access all 7 vibrational frequencies of the Aka Dua.

Aka Dua Level 3 Master is an initiation and quantum up-leveling, opening the recipients ability to combine the 7 vibrational frequencies of the Aka Dua. The Aka Dua Level 3 Master can also offer the Aka Dua Level 1 - 2 to others.

Aka Dua Level 4 Adept is available to Level 3's through successful attendance of the week long, Diaphanous Shell Intensive. The Aka Dua Level 4 Adept is able to offer the Level 3 Master Initiation to others.