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Recalibrating You’re Faith in Self: “Life’s A Powerful Journey”

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

I was wallowing in a bit of a funk the other day, due to the experiences that life has presented me with the past year. Both consciously and unconsciously, I was allowing myself to be defined by memories from the past, rather than allowing myself to be defined by a vision of the future. I allowed present circumstances and my reactions to them to diminish my power, and make me feel like I just don’t have it in me to move forward in a successful way, and follow a path of joy. And intellectually, I understood this not to be true.

I understand faith and resilience. I understand that Infinite Intelligence--the God of your understanding-- stands behind every aspect of my life with open arms and a loving countenance. Gently nudging me forward towards the whispers of my ancestors, and calling of my Soul that knows all there is to know about who I am meant to be, and the greatness and expansive beauty that resides within me, that I do not and sometimes cannot, acknowledge.

It is not that we don’t know that this part of us exists, it is just that our perception has become clouded by stronger voices heralding from the past, that may clutch at us to keep us from taking the needed steps forward, and be hauntingly familiar.

I also realized, that those voices of the past are not my own.

They may be that of your parents, siblings, grandparents, neighbors and friends. They may be that of your ancestors whose blood and genetic dispositions, course through your veins. Your bloodline. Their struggles. Their unheard voices. Their pain. Their deep desire to fight their way forward, to become the ideal of success forged within the paradigm of their formative years. And never arriving, or catapulting themselves into a deeper state of unhappiness; because true success is about much more that what we see from the outside looking in. Prosperity and wealth on all levels derives from within, and must be kept in balance.

I kept thinking that I’d finally left those troublesome “things” behind, and yet in different and unexpected ways, those “things” kept sneaking up from behind me and yelling, “Boo!” The ghost of memories, past circumstances, and traumatic events, where the emotions where held closely to the heart or hidden away for later retrieval, when triggered by present moment circumstances.

Then, I made a new decision. A life changing declaration.

I will no longer allow myself to be defined by the past, that exists only within my own mind and body, because I invited it to stay on as a permanent visitor. They knocked on my door and I allowed them in for a reason, but that reason has long since passed, and they have worn out their welcome.

Now, whenever an emotion comes calling, I allow the full range of the emotion to flow through, and in passing, I ask what it is connected to. It is never directly connected to the present moment. It is connected to a past memory, and is trapped within the relevant part of my body. And in my expression and witnessing of the emotion, it begins to unwind and surrenders its grip.

Then I can breathe again. Then I can experience the joy to be found in the expression of gratitude, for how my body and mind preserved my sanity, and kept me safe in the face of adversity to the best of its capabilities in the moment. I can express gratitude for its willingness and recognition that it is okay to let go. That the past circumstance no longer exists. And it does not belong in the present.

Anything you resist will persist, and I have learned that resistance is futile.

When we are in a state of resistance, we find that the same situation, relationships and circumstances keep occurring. We find ourselves surrounded by the same types of people, who serve as a reflection of how we feel, and perceive ourselves to be. And we often use our witnessing of their situations, as the key to our own. The same is true of our past.

We heal and transform our lives by letting go of the past, to create space for new creations and growth.

We heal and transform our lives by choosing new friendships and relationships that are uplifting, and communities that positively fuel our desires, and serve as a clear and unwavering reflection of who we are on our way to becoming.

We make a new and vulnerable decision, to course correct and align our lives according to how we wish to feel, and the seeds of our desires. Seeds that go unnurtured do not blossom, nor flower and bear fruit.

They sit encapsulated w