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Traveling The Road Much Less Traveled

Today the Angels shared...

"When you are traveling the road much less traveled, you are a much more astute traveler, aware of even the smallest details that might otherwise go unnoticed within your surroundings. This is because it is new and unknown and you are a bit uncomfortable, but your curiosity has the best of you because YOU made the choice to turn down this particular path. You made the choice because something caught your heart, and your eyes focused on that which was out of the ordinary, and that ignited your passion and excitement at first glance. You KNEW from the vibration, the resonance, the tingle traversing up and down your spine, that you HAD to venture into this unknown territory to discover an answer to the burning question you were unable to formulate. You felt the gentle tug and you didn't resist, because deep within, you knew your dreams would be answered if you left your comfort zone without a map. You knew there would be no reason to return because you were on your way home."

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