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Walking the Path of Jesus

These are the words and images that flooded my head this morning, as I feel and see that my body is enveloped in a layer of golden light.

“There is that edge to reach beyond. To grab hold of many ‘somethings’ and bring them them through to the world of matter. To make them manifest. To create change where there is division. To alter circumstances where wrong action has twisted the natural ways of the Universe. And to create what has been a desire for something that’s not here - but should be - according to creator. This something aligned with the path Jesus walked.

When I close my eyes, I see his receding figure and clear footsteps he has left behind, for those whom wish to follow. And above, the warmth and deeply penetrate of the Sun carrying light and information- encoded frequencies to transform civilization and the worlds we’ve created. To not so much recreate, but to create anew from the heightened perspective of those who truly have an understanding of what’s at stake; and of what’s been happening under the guise of something we thought was appropriate and good, and beneficial for all - and is actually not. It’s all a departure from what our true path was meant to be, in service and of benefit to only a few entities, governments, corporations, and conglomerates whom wish to dominate. And still when I close my eyes, I see the receding visage of Jesus, beckoning me to follow.

Ahead I cannot see where he is headed, but I feel within, a landscape that’s deeply altered and unfamiliar to the one I see where I presently stand. I step forward barefoot one foot at a time, placing my feet into each of his footprints. Then I begin to pick up speed until I’m running forward. As I come up behind him I place my arm first around his waist in a gentle hug, then take his left hand to walk at his side. I’ve answered the call in the highest way possible.”

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