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You Are Limitless When You Allow Your Presence

Updated: Apr 22, 2022

"I understand and acknowledge that I Am the individuated presence of Infinite Source, expressing as and through this physical body." This is not a religious belief, nor a spiritual platitude. It is simply something that I know—that I guess I’ve always known. I think that sometimes life felt so difficult and out of control at times, because my inner knowing, was in direct opposition with what was happening throughout the external world; and my direct surroundings and environment. Thusly, it took a long time to stabilize and find my roots, until I actively connected with the Ancestors of the land, and specifically my own heritage and bloodline—those who came before me and whose shoulders I stand upon. Their knowledge, wisdom and gifts nurtured seeds of acceptance, acknowledgment, and grace that allowed me the freedom to grow and blossom. I had been seeking external validation, to confirm and somehow make the intangible a solid, recognizable and irrevocable truth. . . when in actuality, the true Source and Teacher resides within. It can only be seen, felt and witnessed through the essence of our thoughts, our words, and our actions. It must be held within our hearts in complete faith without the need to know, and with a sometimes hard-earned level of trust. This Truth can be felt, honored and valued as the divine nurturer of the seeds we’ve planted. Of how we choose to watch them grow and bear fruit. Of how we choose to use our harvest. It’s truly up to us whether we experience a bountiful harvest, or choose to allow the blooms to wither and die in our angst, suffering, worry, fear and expectations of a future that doesn’t yet exist in the present moment. Throughout my life I have experienced both. We all have. However, there is a new decision to be made. . . Have you ever held and bitten into a plump, sun ripened peach, that was so sweet and juicy, that the nectar ran down your hand and arm? You may have squealed in delight or laughed wholeheartedly, but negative emotions were not present within the experience of biting into the delicious peach, wiping the drips from your face, and swabbing up the juice with a napkin. It was a moment filled with only joy and satisfaction. I want that. The nectar of God each and every day, as a guiding and nurturing presence operating as and through this physical body. Experiencing the sweetness of life. The juicy moments. Exposing the pit and knowing it too, has the inner spark and power to grow and blossom into another pivotal moment or experience, within this journey called Life. I want to munch on sweet, juicy fruit, nurtured with unconditional love and acceptance, and share my abundance with others. There are many alternatives you could choose based upon past experience and programming. And there are a multitude of ways to substantiate or validate your remaining locked in and loaded, stuck, comfortable, and waiting for something to ‘happen to you’. That is the antithesis of actually creating, being all in and present in the moment, and experiencing life! All we have is this moment. The past, nor the future exists here in the space of this moment—this breath—where a simple thought has the power to spark a creation. What are you creating? Discernment is key. And you must learn to drop into your Heart—the eternal and intuitive guidance system which helps navigate your path through the garden. It tells you which plants are edible, nourishing, healing, or poisonous. And teaches you what is ripe for the picking, or needs to remain attached to the Mother vine, branch or stock, just a little bit longer to mature. The Elohim states, “It is your unequivocal birthright to fully embody the luminance that resides within you. As unique individuations of the Divine and Infinite Source, your inner light is an irrevocable gift, but it is a gift you must learn to connect with and use to its full potential. What we see is your unlimited potentiality to create, and propensity to love beyond measure. Each catalytically fuels the other.” Consider living life from the perspective that each experience is like the cycle of a fruit tree. A seed is planted that receives and reciprocates nourishment with the Earth, and blossoms. It then basks in the warmth and illumination of the Sun, and receives hydration through the flow of water and rain. Growing into a heartily resilient and rooted tree, it flowers and bears fruit that can be eaten for nourishment. We can harvest and enjoy the fruit, and we can choose whether or not to replant the seed. Regardless of our choice, the unpicked fruit will fall back to the Earth, release its essence and seed, and with proper nourishment, will grow into a new fruit bearing tree. So yes, life continues whether we choose to actively engage or not. So I give you the following. . . Allow your presence, and choose to engage with life in every way possible, to create and mold your experiences with more childlike wonder, curiosity, and imagination! You are limitless.

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