Private Healing Sessions

Healing is about creating the space needed to release pain & dysfunction.


Within each of us resides an innate wisdom and ability to heal ourselves of physical and emotional pain. In your private session, I intuitively access the core of what you are experiencing within the physical body and energy fields, and integrate advanced manual therapies and energy healing technologies to clear, rebalance, realign and create the flow, space and motion needed to create change or direct transformation.

Advanced Manual Therapies and Bodywork, in addition to Intuitive Energy Healing such as the Aka Dua, I use a variety of energy healing techniques and Shamanic Energy Medicine to clear and balance the energy centers (Chakras), release stagnant energy, remove blockages, detach emotional cords, and unveil limiting beliefs and negative patterns that are keeping you from aligning with greater physical and emotional health, happiness, and abundance!


Sessions are personalized, and may be integrated with several complementary modalities and therapies, in order to receive the best possible outcome imaginable!



Are you ready to begin your journey?

Phyllis Douglass, CMT, CPT

863 W. Foothill Boulevard

Claremont, CA 91711

(Inside Feeling Groovy Wellness)

To schedule a session with Phyllis, please CALL or TEXT:
(909) 967-0246


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