THE ANCESTOR'S AUGURAL ROD is a sacred and living artifact given by the Old One's, that is an access point to the heart of the earth and its remembrances and wisdom, and the path of the Ancestors--those who came before us, and walked the path of wisdom and enlightenment to the ways of the universe. Those especially within the lineage into which we chose to incarnate, who walk with us; and whose DNA and cellular memories reside within us. 


This quantum tool is a chamber of wisdom. It serves as an access point to the knowledge and gifts loving shared by our ancestors, to assist and guide us on our life path, and spiritual awakening aligned with a unified world.  The “Well of Dreams” at the base of the skull, often referred to as the “Mouth of God", serves as the receptacle for guidance, wisdom, and illlumination from the higher dimensions. The Ancestor's Augural Rod is alchemically bonded to the user. It cannot be used by another practitioner.


One’s intent or desire to call upon and work with the Ancestors is empowered by intention and the heartfelt emotion of love. As you call in the Ancestors, the Ancestor's Augural Rod is held in the left hand. As you communicate with the Ancestors, the Rod can be held over the heart if you desire. When your work together has been completed, switch the rod to the opposite hand, and express gratitude and goodbyes, as the ancestors recede from the physical world.


Other things that can be accomplished with the Ancestor's Augural Rod:

1) Dreaming with the Ancestors by placing the Rod next to your bedside or under your pillow

2) Core healing in regards to negative influences carried forward through your lineage

3) Communicating with the Ancestors through meditation and dance, while holding the Rod

4) Acknowleging and honoring the Ancestors by placing the Rod on an Ancestor Altar when not in use.


There truly are no limits to what is possible, and as you work with this conscious tool, your relationship will evolve and your capabilities will expand.




  • Once your sacred artifact has been completed and is ready to ship, I will invoice you with the appropriate shipping charge. All packages shipped oversees are shipped via USPS. If you reside within the United States, UPS is an additional option.


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