The CELESTIAL AUGURAL WAND (or Sceptor) is a sacred, living artifact that is a divinely inspired and spiritually infused work of art, created especially for each individual, and aligned with their personal alchemy and power. The etched symbols, stones and any added external elements are channeled specifically for you and your use.


In conversation with the Angels on your behalf, I’m given encoded Angelical symbols and prayers to create a sacred and personalized chamber--within which resides a consciousness--that holds and amplifies the source of your personal power, gifts, and connection to the angelic realm. It can be used to pointedly amplify energy and power to a specific area, and for Magickal Ritual as a wand, sceptor, or dagger. Every Celestial Augural Wand is different, and alchemically bonded to the user. It cannot be used by another practitioner.


The symbols are etched into a conductive, 100% copper tube, which is then prescriptively filled with a unique combination of stones. It then goes through a process of prayer, and is energetically charged and activated creating a sacred, living artifact for your personal use. Each order comes with a carry bag.


A Celestial Augural Wand takes approximately 2-4 weeks to complete and ship depending on the number of chambers in progress, its progression through three activation cycles, and shipping time based upon where you live. In some cases it may take a bit more time, if I must locate a special or unusal stone or element requested by Spirit, that I'm waiting to present itself in my search.


When purchasing, please include Full Name, Date of Birth, and preferred Shipping Address in comments.


The cost is $222 + Shipping.

Once your Celestial Augural Wand has been completed, you will be contacted with the appropriate shipping cost. Upon payment of shipping cost, the item will be sent USPS Priority Mail. If you are local, pickup can be arranged.


Choice of Copper Essence


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