IN THE MIDST OF ASCENT was given by Source to clear, attune and prepare a space for healing, meditation and ceremony. In outdoor environments, it creates a sacred and protective field around an intentionally designated area. Play this music in its entirety to create a sacred and protected space. The divinely encoded frequencies gradually elevate the energetic frequency within the space, invokes the 7 directions (East, South, West, North, Up-Source, Down-Sentient Earth, In-Heart Centered Self), and opens a channel of communication to Source in loving support of your work.

IN THE MIDST OF ASCENT - Clearing Space for Meditation & Ceremony



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    Phyllis Douglass, CMT, CPT

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    I offer in-person, online, and in-home sessions available for La Verne residents, in addition to sessions for those under Palliative & Hospice care.

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