THE LEMURIAN HEALING ROD is a sacred artifact, handcrafted and activated with the guidance of the Ancient Ones of Lemuria. The Lemurian civilisation of some 50,000 years ago, has imprinted the Hawaiian, Maori and Polynesian communities with high levels of spirituality, and offers us unique healing techniques and possibilities when we are open to their influence. Lemurians civilations do still exist through multidimensional and physical influences, most notably in Mount Shasta and Maui, HI.


The Lemurian Healing Rod is a physical representation of an ancient artifact that was utilized as a tool for spiritual attainment, multidimensional accessibility, and healing through all aspects of ones being: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual. In the hands of the Practitioner, quantum configurations can be altered, reconfigured, or transformed through intent and pointed attention and awareness.


The Lemurian Healing Rod is a sacred spiritual tool and living artifact, in that it has a consciousness that bonds with the heart of the practitioner. The process of alchemical bonding to the Practitioner means that it cannot be utilized effectively by another individual. It also has a protective function. Through this connection, it allows the Practitioner to work in a multidimensional capacity within the realm of the Akasha. The quantum field of light, frequency, and information that contains all knowledge throughout all time, space and dimension. It is as well, the space of unlimited possibilities and creation.


This quantum tool serves as an access point through your “Sphere of Creation” located between the base of the sexual organs and the Solar Plexus, and the “Well of Dreams” at the base of the skull, often referred to as the “Mouth of God”—your conscious connection to the higher dimensions.


One’s intent or desire is empowered by heartfelt emotion—feeling it into being, and dropped down into the Sphere of Creation where it is nurtured, fueled, and enlightened by Creator, and then birthed into the physical world. Throughout this process the Lemurian Healing Rod is always held in the right hand. Here is serves as a broadcasting beacon for the energies of creation to be sent in the direction that it is being pointed, or through what it has been placed upon.


Distance is not a limitation, so the Lemurian Healing Rod can be used for remote operations without restriction. There truly are no limits to what is possible, and as you work with this conscious tool, your relationship will evolve and your capabilities will expand.




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