This truly sacred act of having your Light Scroll retrieved and read, initiates a recalibration of your Souls true path and purpose for this lifetime. Setting into motion your true path; or assisting in setting to rights, points of deviation or distortion in your trajectory towards alignment with truth and purpose. The contractual agreement contained within one’s Light Scroll originates with Source, and was set into force upon your entrance into this world. It’s content remains fluid and evolutionary when you are willing to remain open to the enfoldment of its loving embrace, and the unfoldment of the life both you and Source planned for you. It resides outside of the experience of time and space, and is connected with your divine essence within the clear light - our true nature and home. Our Light Scrolls are scribed and read in the Angelic (Adamic) Language of Source, and the encoded frequencies and ancient symbology is understood and assimilated on a Soul level. 


I have been solely granted the ability to perform Light Scroll Realignments for individuals who make the conscious choice to have its contents revealed to them. The emanation of radiant divine light and frequency is a deeply transformative and healing experience, even before the scroll is opened and I begin to read. Any parallel/ past lives that are of siginificance to this life may be brought to your attention, so that the energy and information can be brought forward.

Light Scroll Realignment



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