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An energetic unraveling to the center of your Being, that syncs with the rhythm of the heart. Access, unwind, and release excessive energy and tension, cyclical patterns of thought, emotion, and pain, and shift yourself back into alignment with your center. Realign with the creative and imaginative life force within, that ignites and sustains the divine current. How to use: Create a beat with your right hand over your heart, that follows the sound of my counting voice.


If your hand begins to travel over your body, allow it to move while maintaining the beat and deeply listening to the count and the stream of song from the Elohim. As your body begins to move, allow it to do as it wills, but maintain the beat of the inner drum unchangingly to the count of my voice. At the end of the count. Drop your hand, sit in stillness and breathe for as long as naturally happens, allowing you to drop into a new and fully synchronized state of being. Revel in the moment and express your gratitude, then go about the movement of your day.


Do this process whenever things begin to rise to the surface to be cleared or released in an easeful and powerful way.


Phyllis works directly with the consciousness of the Elohim, as an embodied and vocal instrument, using the creative and vibrational force of expression they define as the Language of God’s Light. Her Vocal Alchemy Music shifts, upgrades, and attunes all aspects of who you are on a multidimensional level, into alignment with your own innate abilities to heal, transform, and spiritually transfigure.  Her music and transmissions transcend all barriers of time, space, dimension, and language; attuning you to higher frequencies, to shift your trajectory—your reality—towards new and limitless possibilities!


More music by Vox Angelus (Phyllis Douglass):

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