SOLAR ACTIVATION: "CALL TO OUR COSMIC BROTHERS is an Alchemy Music Package given by the Angels which includes an Alchemical Induction and/or Spiritual Initiation experienced through a Soul Alchemy Song embued with prescriptive Angelic Frequencies for healing, transformation, or spiritual transfiguration. Each Alchemy Music Package includes a cooresponding Angel Sigil and informational PDF.


As a conduit for Source, this song was given as a Clarion Call to my Brothers and Sisters far and wide, to answer the call from your essential essence - your lumininous beingness, stating that it is time to prepare to serve as an open door for the divine light and frequency of Source.


Listening to "Call to Our Cosmic Brothers" opens the gateway to the planetary grid of transfigurating Divine Love as a co-creator of the new earth, providing a template for humanity to become a living representation of divine truth and consciousness, so that you may fulfill your divine plan as a multidimensional being of Light.

SOLAR ACTIVATION: “Call To Our Cosmic Brothers”

  • Upon purchase, you will receive the the link to download a zipped file including MP3 or WAV file of Soul Alchemy Music, and two PDF files - information and corresponding Angel Sigil. These will be emailed to the email address provided at time of purchase.