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INFINITE HEART ACTIVATION: THE RIVER RUNS THROUGH is a Alchemy Music Package given by the Angels which includes an Alchemical Induction and/or Spiritual Initiation experienced through a Soul Alchemy Song imbued with prescriptive Angelic Frequencies for healing, transformation, or spiritual transfiguration. Each Alchemy Music Package includes a cooresponding Angel Sigil and informational PDF.


Listening to "The River Runs Through" opens the gateway to the planetary grid of transfigurating Divine Love as a co-creator of the new earth, providing a template for humanity to become a living representation of divine truth and consciousness, so that you may fulfill your divine plan as a multidimensional being of Light. It ushers in a return to ones original Divine Blueprint - the network of energetic codes, light frequencies and sound aligned with our Divine Plan, and choice to experience life here on Earth in a physical form.


Within these tangible times of lack and disparity on many levels, there exists a kernel of truth that is the underlying factor of Man's experience, and the existence of all that's both apparent and unapparent. Within the field of the unknown Universe, there is a resident force of creation that governs us all. And within each and every one of us, resides the spark of our true existence, as a child of the Universe who has all the inalienable rights as an equal or greater force of creative expression within corporeal form.


When we are birthed into this world we are bombarded with formative information that creates how we choose to exist in this lifetime. Beliefs can be an impediment. They solidify a form, which separates us from the infinite. When we can shed the incongruities and reinform ourselves through our own truths, then our lives begin to change. We become forever altered through remembrance and acceptance of our divine nature.


Phyllis works directly with the consciousness of the Elohim, as an embodied and vocal instrument, using the creative and vibrational force of expression they define as the Language of God’s Light. Her Vocal Alchemy Music shifts, upgrades, and attunes all aspects of who you are on a multidimensional level, into alignment with your own innate abilities to heal, transform, and spiritually transfigure.  Her music and transmissions transcend all barriers of time, space, dimension, and language; attuning you to higher frequencies, to shift your trajectory—your reality—towards new and limitless possibilities!


More music by Vox Angelus (Phyllis Douglass):

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  • Upon purchase, you will receive the the link to download a zipped file including MP3 or WAV file of Soul Alchemy Music, and two PDF files - information and corresponding Angel Sigil. These will be emailed to the email address provided at time of purchase.

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