From the moment we are born, we seek to gain a deeper understanding of who we are and why we are here. Reestablish your vitality, personal power, and sense of freedom to make your next move, shift your life, health, and happiness, and unleash something BIG into the world!​

A SOUL FREQUENCY REALIGNMENT creates a multidimensional access point working with Elohim to provide you with needed guidance, healing, and the transformative frequency shifts needed in the present moment so that you can move forward, reestablish a sense of wholeness, energetic balance, frequency alignment, and resonance with your life purpose. 

How do I do this? 

Working with the Elohim and your higher guidance, this transformative session includes a direct and profoundly personalized Infinite Light Language Alchemical Transmission, and encoded Alchemy Symbol. We multidimensionally scan your entire field of energy throughout all systems, past/ present/ future, for influences serving as the root cause of challenges you are experiencing in the present moment--physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or energetically. Vibrational access points allow us to shift and realign your resonant frequencies with your Divine Blueprint. 

These powerful Alchemical Transmissions activate spontaneous release, healing processes, spiritual transmutation, and transformation on all levels to clear your path forward into a new experience of life, work, and relationships! Session often includes communications with your Angels, Guides, Ancestors, Loved Ones, Past or Parallel Lives, and the Higher Mind of your Soul's essence.​

At the completion of our session, I will hand draw your personalized ALCHEMY SYMBOL, as provided by Elohim. Within 24 - 48 hours, you will receive your video and audio recordings, and PNG and PDF files of your Alchemy Symbol via email. This divinely encoded Alchemy Symbol is a sacred artifact that can be hung or placed on an altar or bedside table to emanate positive energy and intention throughout your space, and assist with entrainment and integration of what was shared in your session from the highest perspective of your Soul's journey.​


Phyllis Anne Douglass

CMT, CPT, ERYT 500, CAMTC ID# 56843

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I look forward to connecting with you!​


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