THE CHRISTING CHRONICLES NO 1 is the first Alchemical Transmission of a Christing Initiation series. As an embodied conduit for Elohim, this Transmission brings to the physical plane the highest available Heavenly Sound Signatures of sacred design and creation through vocal sound and spoken word, energetic emanation, and the etheric restructuring of DNA and cellular structures, as I work with sacred geometric constructs to clear, align, and elevate your frequency on all levels--physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic.

I speak and transmit an ancient and primordial Language of Light and Frequency, which is the creative and expressive force of God (Source, Infinite Intelligence, Creator) that has been a familiar and guiding presence within my life since I was a young child.

This Language of Light and Frequency is an ascension technology initiating and accelerating the Christing from within. For those who have ears to hear, let them hear.

The energy and ways of “The Christed One”, Yeshua/ Jesus, is accessible to all of humanity and desiring to be fully expressed as and through you. This ascension technology assists the embodiment of the Christ essence within each of us, to bring Heaven to Earth. Elohim states that the return of the Christed One is not the awaited arrival of someone separate of self. It is the awakening and remembrance of the inner Christ residing within each and every one of us.

It is the union of our feminine and masculine aspects; thereby internalizing the Holy Kingdom and Queendom within, to awaken our full and proportionate, Divine Radiance. The Christing unfolds through the full opening and activation of the HALO--the magnetizing force of our Source divinity--to anchor this divine expression within our physical body.

Through this gateway, we connect with the understanding that. . .

1) We are not separate
2) Spirit is our natural state of being
3) This reflection of Consciousness in physical form, is connected and guided by our soul's Higher Mind
4) Our reality, life experience, spiritual awakening, growth, and ascension is in alignment with our frequency and vibration
5) All that is available to us is here. NOW.

When you change your frequency and vibration, and you will attune to and see something different within your life. If you are not in resonance or frequency alignment with your desire(s), they will not be available to you within your experienced reality.

Elohim and Yeshua/ Jesus call the process of Ascension, ‘The Christing’. The beacon for this Holy force of divine expression is a fully open and reactivated Halo, with our pineal gland at its mid-point.

The CHRISTING CHRONICLES NO 1 will initiate or elevate this ancient process.

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