A Gateway to Multiple Dimensions & Transformation

Guided by Phyllis Douglass, Stargate Facilitator




Prageet, Alcazar & Julianne talk

about the Stargate Experience


The Stargate is a conscious, sacred-geometrical structure that creates a powerful, multi-dimensional energy field. This leading-edge device can assist in the rapid expansion of human consciousness, serving as an inter-dimensional doorway that facilitates healing on all levels, DNA reactivation and the awareness of one’s Quantum Self. 


As a Stargate Facilitator, I invite you to join me to discover what an experience with the Stargate is all about! I offer regularly scheduled group STARGATE MEDITATIONS, individualized private sessions, or you may schedule a private Stargate Meditation in your home for your family, friends, or group!

Participating in a Stargate Meditation opens you to the opportunity to feel the presence of your guides within multiple, high-vibrational fields that are so tangible and transformative, you cannot avoid being touched by it. There is nothing to do! You simply relax and allow for an experience within an intelligent, quantum energy field!


Some of the things participants experience...


  • Access to wisdom and knowledge from other dimensional realities

  • Reactivation of dormant, multi-dimensional DNA

  • Ability to feel benevolent, high energy beings such as the Angels, Ascend Masters, and Star Beings

  • Spontaneous physical healing

  • Sudden clarity and major insight

  • Reactivation of psychic abilities

  • Deep relaxation and stress relief

  • Dissolving of limitations and karmic influences

  • Remembrance of past lives

  • Activation of dormant healing abilities 

These experiences occur during guided Stargate Meditations, by the raising of your vibrational frequency. This process reactivates dormant, multi-dimensional DNA, which holds the key to who you are, who you have been, how your physical body works, your true path and purpose, and your ability to communicate directly with Spirit.

Stargate Meditations vary in time and structure, and range of cost is approximately $25 - $125. Check my Calendar of Events for upcoming Stargate Meditations!


Interested in holding a small group Stargate Meditation in your home, or as a part of a special event? Contact me to schedule!

For more information about the origins and creation of the Stargate: THE STARGATE EXPERIENCE