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NOTICE: I am presently not teaching public yoga classes, but will soon be adding an online Gentle & Restorative Yoga class via Zoom.


“In her classes, Phyllis flows with the universe, and she carries me right along with her.” ~ Sandy G.

“Today I experienced a totally unexpected opening in Phyllis’s class, that extended well beyond the studio walls, and marched out into my life with a new sense of empowerment! I highly recommend this class to anyone seeking a different and more organic way of moving and loving their body.” ~ Meaghan J.

"It's not just what Phyllis teaches. It is how she teaches, her very apparent passion for all she has to share, and the fact that she doesn't practice superficial spirituality. She lives it in a very authentic way!" ~ Gabriel A.

"Phyllis is so real, easy going, and authentic! She got me off the couch, got me moving, and helped me heal my body, mind, and thus ultimately my life." ~ Janine G.

Experience liberation through THE UNDOING using Movement, Breath & Meditation!


One of the best ways to get re-inspired is to get reconnected to your body. I welcome you with open arms to my classes no matter where you are starting from!


Practicing yoga is an intelligent and inspiring way to keep your body and mind balanced and happy, no matter who you are or how flexible you are. Movement is medicine, and there is no judgment to be found here. Classes are relaxed, non-competitive, and welcoming!


Yoga practice is not gymnastics. The postures or Asanas are meant to replenish our energy and sustain our structures for the duration of our lives. The stillness that yoga brings to our minds starts with the stillness we create in our bodies.


I'm all about nurturing our bodies through functional movement and breath, so that as we age, we are mindfully maintaining a loving relationship with our body, and our ability to move with ease, grace and fluidity. Be curious about all the ways the body can move and express itself, and our innate capability to heal and transform these beautiful vehicles we have been given to experience life!




Join me for a gentle and restorative yoga class designed to guide you towards more mindful movement, ease and fluidity throughout the body. Learn to breathe (Pranayama) to empower motion, relax the mind, and restore stability. This class is for all ages and can easily modified by you, to meet your specific needs.


Classes begin with a brief meditation so that we start from a relaxed and centered space in communion with each other, and close with a drumming meditation to bring clarity, and enliven the senses and inner awareness of the present moment.


You'll need a yoga mat, which is the sacred real estate where all the magic happens, a stable Chair without arms or wheels, a large bath towel or yoga blanket, and two yoga blocks if you have them. Blocks are not necessary, but helpful. You may wish to have a hand towel, and container of water to replenish.


New Class opening May 2022. Please check back!

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