We all experience forms of trauma, pain and injury at some point in our lives that effects our daily activities, work, and relationships. We have all experienced times when each activity of our day feels misaligned with our inner desires, and we feel out of synch with our surroundings. We all have those moments when we realize we want nothing more than to be doing something totally different from what is presently holding our attention, and draining our desire. This is because we are NOT following our excitement or allowing inner inspirations and intuition to guide us. Imbalance on any level – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual – creates discordance and misdirection within our lives.

A session with me is a CO-CREATION. I will assist you in creating space and letting go of whatever you need to LET GO of to become balanced, healthy, happy, and limitless!

“I have the ability to FEEL, LISTEN and HEAR what your body is saying through the way that it moves, the rise and fall of the breath, the lines of tension and strain, the flow of energy, intuition, and witnessing of the compensatory actions that your body has taken to enable you to continue functioning on a daily basis. Your body’s own intelligence reflects back exactly what is going on and shares the wisdom to take the appropriate corrective actions to facilitate deep repair, rebalancing, awakening, and integration. This innate wisdom and ability to heal oneself resides within each of us.

My clients call me “THE BODY WHISPERER.”

With years of advanced study in many therapeutic disciplines and spiritual traditions, Phyllis Douglass has developed her own Integrative Mind-Body Release Therapy approach with a focus on the John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Therapy, Lomilomi Lapa’au – Hawaiian Healing Medicine, Functional Movement Re-education, Energy Medicine, and the Alchemy of Sound.

Using advanced Manual Therapy and Energy Medicine techniques, she is intuitively able to feel and interpret the flow of energy within and surrounding the body, analyze and treat postural challenges, fascial restrictions, muscular imbalances, movement inefficiencies, and shift energetic distortion or blockages.

Her sessions address the root cause of symptoms to quickly and gently release stiffness and pain, melt the armor of emotional holding patterns and physical compensations, unify the mind and body, and reconnect one to their innate healing potential.

The motto that she lives by is…



Music created and performed by Vox Angelus is available through CDBaby, iTunes and other music resources!

“Vox Angelus (Phyllis Douglass) is a Sound Alchemist sharing divinely inspired ambient, multi-layered sound frequencies and Angelic vocals that are healing, transformative and transient in nature inspiring higher states of consciousness, an elevated nature of being, or a state of meditation and deep contemplation.”

I have always loved music and sound in general, noting mine and others visceral and emotional response to different sounds. I was intrigued as to the potential of sound as a creative force and its ability to transform and transcend all barriers, to relay a story or a truth that all in the world could understand. That sound is a carrier of a conscious intelligence.

As in ancient times, I follow the path of the Oracle, using my voice as a medium for expressing the higher knowledge and wisdom needed to heal and transform.


“I’m so excited. Myofascial Release Therapy is incredible! I feel like I’ve discovered this hidden world. Six months ago, I had no idea what fascia was. I started reading and searching the internet to gain as much info as possible. After much research, I learned about the John Barnes approach to Myofascial Release. I searched online for practitioners trained in the John Barnes method, and I was lead to Phyllis. Phyllis has the soul healer. She has a gift of lovingly, and intuitively knowing how and where the healing is needed, and how to apply the right touch.

During my Myofascial Release sessions with Phyllis, I can feel the release of physical tightness, anxiety, and stress. The bonus …. when my fascia moves, my entire being moves, mind, body, and spirit. It is true that we store life events, memories, pain, and joy, in the fascia. Yay…I don’t have pain and tightness from plantar fasciitis and the pinched nerve in my shoulder anymore!

When the student is ready, the master appears. Many Thanks!”

“Two years ago I had a mild case of shingles. Since then I have had almost constant pain in my left shoulder and neck with limited range of motion. I tried other modalities for healing —physical therapy, massage and acupuncture. They would lessen the pain, but only for a short time. In January I Tried Myofascial Release Therapy. This is a method of releasing the tensions, restrictions in the connective tissue, and emotions from trauma that were trapped/stored in my muscles from incidents that happened a long time ago. Releasing the tension in the muscles has allowed them to function more normally. In addition, Phyllis specializes in releasing scar tissue. She was able to release the scar tissue and adhesions to my chest wall from my mastectomy scar. I am no longer experiencing pain and restriction, and my range of motion has increased. I am finally enjoying life without pain!”
Letha Ressler
“I have Parkinson’s Disease and have been working with Phyllis for several months now. My first day with you was miraculous! I got up afterwards and started walking around like nothing was wrong. Though it only lasted a little while, it was such a relief! Anyway, I really appreciate you, and I love you! My sessions with you always improve my ability to move around and keep my balance, and it really has helped the neuropathy I have been experiencing in my lower legs and feet, and my circulation. My sessions with you and attending your fitness classes has made me stronger and more energetic than most people. You helped me recover quickly when I broke my hip.”
Stanley Shipcott


  • Certified Massage Therapist (CAMTC ID# 56843) with Expert Level specialization in John F. Barnes – Myofascial Release Approach
  • Over 20 years of experience utilizing Pilates, Yoga, and Somatic Movement Reeducation Techniques for fitness, health, and wellness programming and post-rehabilitation
  • Advanced Master Sound Therapist, Musician, and classically trained Soprano performing Sacred Sounds Meditations, Concerts and Recordings using improvisational Vocals, Toning, and Chant, Himalayan and Quartz Crystal Singing Bowls, Gongs, Drums, and other culturally significant and indigenous instruments
  • Nationally Certified Pilates Trainer – PMA / NCCA
  • Yoga Teacher (ERYT 200 HR)
  • Aka Dua Level 4 Mastery — Toltec Energy Initiations / Transmissions / Shamanic Practice
  • Phyllis works with and receives referrals from Physical Therapists, Neurologists, Chiropractors, Orthopedists, and other medical professionals in private settings, hospitals, hospice facilities and nursing homes.


An ancient shamanic energy current made up of seven distinct frequencies, whose energetic properties emanate a profound and transformative field of energy once known as The Power by the Egyptians. It is used for healing, transfiguration, creative pursuits, ritual, ceremony, and more.

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Experience a vibro-acoustic sound bath that explores the vibrational frequencies, tones, and harmonics found within the Voice, Himalayan and Quartz Singing Bowls, Gongs, Drums, and other sacred and indigenous Instruments;  serving as a vehicle to quiet the mind, heal the body, and energize the spirit.

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Experience the transformative alchemy found within handcrafted and divinely inspired, and energetically activated Sacred Journey Jewelry, Art, and Pure Essential Oil Products which include Ascension Tinctures, Bath Salts, and Aura Sprays.

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