I am Alatna Besutvanachem Melchizadeka.


My Angels are Messengers, Teachers, Guides and Protectors

My lineage spoke both consciously and unconsciously at an early age, and there was no choice but to follow the gentle pull and insistent nudges that have brought me - and indeed sometimes carried me aloft - to this moment.


I am a direct conduit for Infinite Source, and have been guided and protected by Angels since childhood with encounters of a physical and spiritual nature. 


I think the Angels chose "Magical Me" as the name for this particular page because it made me the most uncomfortable. And because people would wonder and be curious - and be drawn into a magical world they either know little about, may be a little frightened of, or that has been calling them incessantly and they have yet to answer the Clarion Call to become who they are meant to be.​

I am a Toltec Shaman and Woman of Knowledge on the path of the Nahual, and an Author. My profound connection with the Angels allows Infinite Source--God--to work as and through me to accomplish what I am meant to do within this lifetime. My true path and purpose is to share my personal journey, and teach others how to embrace the true essence of who they are and to facilitate wholeness, through the use of Alternative Healing Methods and Spiritual Encounters.


Through my work with the Angels, I offer transmissions and activations through frequency encoded Vocal Alchemy Music, Sacred Symbology, the creation of Sacred Artifacts, Jewelry, Frequency Art, and the Written Word.

When I speak of intuition or intuitive abilities, I’m speaking truthfully from the heart, and approach each and every day from this centered state of being that allows one unlimited access to knowledge and wisdom that exists not within the body...but instead, outside of self. Outside of what’s become ‘comfortable’ exists what most often cannot be seen with the naked eye alone; because the eyes are not our only source, doorway or point of connection to that which most deem magical. Our ability to directly connect and communicate with God.

I've always followed my inspiration to traverse a certain path or take a specific action. What I know now as DIVINE INSPIRATION, was always just an idea or notion that popped into my head that I was instantly excited about! If I followed through, my creativity would flow seemingly unempeded and the outcome would be positive and fulfilling. If I didn't follow through on the impulse, the idea or notion would gradually fade away or trickle out of my grasp because I hadn't held on tight enough for it to land and take root.

When divine inspiration seeks us out, we must answer and act right away, or the inspiration will leave us and go off seeking someone else who will use its essence to create what wishes to be birthed into the fabric of our reality. So many times I’ve received divine inspiration and set it aside or ignored it for so long that the next thing I know, someone else has birthed the very thing I'd placed on the proverbial back burner. At times it was lack of confidence, lack of money, or fear that self-sabotaged me into tabling divine inspirations. However, sometimes they hung out in my field awaiting the day I could listen and take action, because they belonged solely to me. These are the inspirations that arrive when we've been properly prepared by life experiences and Spirit. I think some seeds are meant for YOU to nurture and make fruitful, because you have what others don’t, that is needed to make it happen. These inspirations wait patiently for the right moment. I know this, because I’ve journaled about things years earlier, and they suddenly come back into my sphere years later to be birthed. Right timing. Right action.

MY MISSION . . . I consider the work I do to be a very spiritual art form, that arises from the higher spaces within, and expresses through me from the non-material world—the Nagual—guiding and imbuing my art with divinely encoded vibrational patterns, frequencies and light with deep purpose and passion.The purpose is to initiate healing, transformation, and spiritual transfiguration through the innate mechanisms held within our physical bodies and minds—which hold the unparalleled ability to heal and transform us on all levels.The passion is to be a Pillar of Light in service.

As a child I would bust out in song, or sudden outburts of nonsensical words that I knew even then, had a calming and centering effect. Many times I drew picture after picture, or lost myself in make-believe worlds created within my mind. Sometimes, I danced and sang heartfelt and poetic songs that just seemed to flow from within to anesthetize me. These were coping mechanisms allowing me to remain centered within the confines of my outside world. Not surprisingly after venturing down many mundane avenues and hitting a brick wall, I completed my M.F.A. and became a professional dancer and choreographer. I realize now that I ended up following divine inspiration to pursue the Arts, because the ability to create a different reality even for a short period of time, was key to my survival on my path of spiritual awakening.​​

In 2007 I was guided to receive the AKA DUA, a Quantum Healing and Ascension Technology, from my mentor and benefactor, Koyote the Blind of Xicoco Shamanic Arts. It is a full system of initiation bringing you into union with the consciousness of the Absolute - a magical force used for ones spiritual progression, self healing, and positively impacting the lives of others. That is when my accelerated spiritual journey truly began, and I eventually stepped fully onto the path of a Toltec Nahual.

My imagination is fertile territory that allows me to dream while awake, travel interdimensionally, and create my life as a work of art. I learned that what I thought initially was just my imagination...wasn't. The imagination is an entry point into new worlds!


My Angelical Adamic Language began to eloquently arise and evolve beyond, the nonsensical words of my childhood, to be recognized as the language of God. I soon was able to not only carry the frequency and vibrations of the Angels through the sound of my voice, but to also translate, write, and sign in sequences of Mudras and corresponding bodily motions. This is how I transmit the voices of the Angels, and do the work I do.

After passing a series of spiritual inquiries and tests set forth by Archangel Metatron, I voyaged through the final gate and was initiated into the Order of the Melchizadek. A Name and Seal of feminine distinction was given: Alatna Besutvanachem Melchizadeka.


I received the spiritual name Vox Angelus, meaning "Voice of the Angels" in 2017. On December 8, 2018, I achieved Aka Dua Level 5 High Adept, the highest level out of 7, that is attainable in physical form. With this, I am now fully prepared to accomplish the work I came here to do.​