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Listen Now: This is a wonderful and enlightening interview and Elohim Vocal Alchemy Transmission with Phyllis Douglass (Vox Angelus), on "Transformation in Your 40's Beyond 2023" with Shannon Brown! This experience was filled with the essence of Shamanic traditions that flow through my heritage and spiritual work, and the lineage of my higher teachers. And I 

tap deeply into the gifts that have come come forward from my ancestors.

Listen Now: In the "Circle of Twelve - Healing Wednesday Interview with Lee Carroll (Kryon Channel) & Monika Muranyi", we discuss,"The Process of Undoing”, which speaks to the simplicity of Spiritual Awakening and Ascension, that was meant for humanity. In the 'undoing’, we go through many small and inordinate deaths, in order to illuminate the truth that is caught up in the web woven of our inner narratives, stories and beliefs. 

Listen Now: "EVOLUTIONARY GRACE: Healing Through Divine Vocal Expression", is an lluminating presentation and Vocal Alchemy Transmission for the Shift Network's, 2022 Sound Healing Summit. This presentation succinctly speaks of my story, and shares an explanation and direct experience of my work with the Elohim.


ARTICLE: Radiance Magazine |

Fall 2022

Article: "You Are A Powerful Creator: Empowered By Faith and Inspired By Grace"

Screen Shot 2022-06-04 at 1.06.03 AM.png

COVER: Radiance Magazine |

October 2021

Article: "Becoming the Voice of the Angels"

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