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Congratulations and much gratitude for purchasing my new book, "ONE - A Journey To A New Way Of Being"

An Angelical Map for Humankind. Enjoy the journey!


Greetings Beautiful Being,

With the purchase of my new book, you receive the FREE corresponding Audiobook reading by the Angels, adding the element of encoded and frequency-based SOUND and FREQUENCY  a creative force and catalyst for transformation to this multidimensional, frequency-based alchemical tome.

If this link was not specifically provided to you for an agreed upon purpose to download this audiobook, please respect my hard work and intellectual property, by NOT downloading this audiobook file if you did not purchase my book that goes with it.


This is an opportunity to take an extraordinary, and very personal, spiritual voyage to a new way of Being!

Click the links below to download either or both of the digital file types.

Haven't purchased the book? You can do so HERE, as this Audiobook is truly an extraordinary companion piece to the book, which was written with the Angels of the Elohim. The path that you are awakened to, and the question you pose each time you embark on a voyage through the Light Language and frequency encoded imagery, makes the book a sacred tool for your spiritual and healing journey!

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