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VOX ANGELUS - "The Voice of the Angel"
Experience an Invocational Vocal Alchemy Transmission with Elohim



Phyllis Anne (Vox Angelus) is an Invocational Vocal Artist, who weaves an intelligent and conscious tapestry of divinely encoded Infinite Language of God's Light, Frequency, Energy and Sound through her profound connection to Elohim. The Angels sing and sound through her as a direct and embodied conduit, creating access points to higher states of consciousness, alchemical frequency currents, ancient wisdom, knowledge, and healing forces designed to assist humanity’s awakening and spiritual evolution.

Here’s what one participant had to share...

"I am unable to describe what I just experienced in words. . . I only know that my life has been profoundly changed just by listening to her Elohim Transmission. I felt quickly elevated into a higher space, as energy coursed through my body. Especially in areas where I have been experiencing pain and inflammation. The fact that the pain is gone is a blessing, but I have an inner knowing that something has hugely shifted for me! Thank you deeply for the blessing of your gift!"


Phyllis Anne masterfully weaves the Infinite Language of God's Light, often accompanied with drumming, singing bowls, and various sacred instruments as guided, to create a sacred chamber to higher consciousness and guidance. She has an extensive vocal range, and as an open celestial voice, there are often Ancestral and Galactic presences that are allowed to come forward.

Her work with Elohim transcends all boundaries. When she sings and speaks, participants experience the direct presence and frequencies of Elohim, and the vibration and expansion of the higher realms, to benefit their healing and spiritual unfoldment.The experience of these transmissions is unlike anything seen before!

During events, participants frequently experience elevated states of consciousness, physical healing and emotional releases, feel the energetic presence of the Angels, Guides and Loved Ones, feel waves of energy pulsing and tingling throughout their bodies, or spontaneously begin to shake and move as past trauma is released, and blocked energy begins to flow. They are left with an encompassing feeling of love, gratitude and wellbeing.



Phyllis Anne offers worldwide experiences with Elohim, including her work as an Earth Keeper transmitting and activating sacred sites and other locations. She is a master in her capability to align elemental, physical, and invocational light code structures to bring about activation of dormant aligning forces, transformation of engrained energies, and ancestral healing. These Activating Transmissions enliven and awaken the consciousness of places, spaces, land, and ancient sacred structures.

"To experience Vox Angelus perform, is to experience an alteration of space, time and dimension, where you come out the other side forever altered. Extraordinary!"

"It's like... she Livestreams Angels.

I cannot describe it any other way!"

“I don't know what was said after you spoke [In your Angelical Language] the first time, but incessant tears came down. Truly felt a home heart connection!”


CHECKOUT MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL to listen to public Elohim Transmissions, Performance and Interviews.

LISTEN TO MY ALCHEMY MUSIC on Bandcamp, and other streaming music sites such as Apple Music and Spotify.

Interested in booking a performance or presentation? Vocal Alchemy Invocations and Transmissions with Elohim, can be aligned with the specific theme of an event, or for each participants personal intention. Phyllis Anne has presented at many retreats, summits, church services, online shows, and in-person conferences including Portal to Ascension, Shift Network, "Healing Wednesday" with Lee Carroll (Kryon) & Monika Muranyi, DisclosureFest, The Awakening World, and the Conscious Life Expo LA.

Presentations typically run 60 - 90 minutes depending on the event. If I am teaching as well, additional time is allotted to accommodate a workshop or training.

Here’s what other participants have to say. . .

"Amazing! I'm very intuitive and sensitive, and I've witnessed many people doing good work, but this woman (Phyllis Douglass) is the real deal! As I watched her channeling Celestial Alchemy symbols and singing, she was encompassed by a bright violet light, and emanating a powerful energy I've never experienced from any spiritual healer-type before. It almost hurt my eyes to look at her. Definitely, the real deal! She has something unique that must be experienced!" ~ Danial, Los Angeles, CA

“I was profoundly moved by Vox Angelus (Phyllis Douglass). Her voice was etherial, spiritual, angelic, and took me by surprise! The tears began to flow because my heart just wanted to burst.” ~ Evelyn, Los Angeles, CA

"I'm so grateful to you, Phyllis Anne, for the [Deep Dive Vision Quest] group session. WOW. Wow, Wow.  As a first timer, I had no idea what to expect.  And I must say it was incredible.  Your voice and all the different sounds penetrated all cells, tissues and all spaces and parts in between. I went into a complete state of relaxation - no thoughts, just receiving and being. My chakras immediately opened and expanded with light.  At times I could sense many realms of heaven, ancestors, life experiences and emotions with no triggers attached to them. They were just there, a part of me and yet not. . . just weaving in & out as my energy transformed and expanded all at the same time. I just went with the flow and it was beautiful."


"The highlight was the individual healing.  I've had many healings from other modalities but none like this.  It was magical, and I sensed that I received a gift from heaven right into my message centre that will help me in my everyday life. Thank you, Phyllis Anne, for a beautiful and transformative session. For anyone who is on the fence or thinking about attending one of these events and never do it. . . You are missing out on something amazing!" ~ Hilda, Toronto, Canada

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