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VOX ANGELUS - The Voice of the Angel
Experience the Alchemical Language and Light Codes of Elohim

Vox Angelus weaves an intelligent and conscious tapestry of divinely encoded vocal sound, frequency, and Light through her profound connection to Elohim--the Cosmic Mind or what you may call God. Creating access points to higher states of consciousness, she wields a dynamic current of ancient wisdom, knowledge, and healing forces designed to assist humanity’s awakening, ascension, and the emergence of a new world attuned with the Law of One.


She masterfully weaves the Language of God's Light with drumming and sacred instruments, to create a sacred container and access points to higher consciousness and guidance. She has an extensive vocal range, and has mastered her gift of channeling the encoded light, frequency and information from the Elohim, and interpreting the 'many voices' both feminine and masculine in nature.

This alchemical current of energy, frequency, resonance and vibration as SOUND, is achieved through a state of embodiment and direct connection to Elohim, and transmitted through powerful, frequency encoded vocals, intonations, and the energetic weaving of Light shifting, altering, and creating new physical, emotional and mental constructs. 

Her work with Elohim transcends all boundaries. When she sings and speaks, participants experience the direct presence and frequencies of Elohim, and the vibration and expansion of the higher realms, to benefit their healing and spiritual unfoldment.The experience of these transmissions is unlike anything seen before!


Phyllis Anne offers worldwide experiences with Elohim, and is frequently called to offer energetic support to planetary sites, and circumstances happening throughout the world.


Within the human body is a crystalline matrix. The sound and encoded frequencies engage with the electromagnetic field of the body; flowing through the tissues and bones, and on a cellular level as the wavelengths of sound are transported on the fluids of the body and throughout the crystalline matrix of the fascial connective tissue, in resonant, vibratory patterns. It is understood and integrated on a soul level.

During events, participants frequently experience elevated states of consciousness, physical healing and emotional releases, feel the energetic presence of the Angels, Guides and Loved Ones, feel waves of energy pulsing and tingling throughout their bodies, or spontaneously begin to shake and move as past trauma is released, and blocked energy begins to flow. They are left with an encompassing feeling of love, gratitude and wellbeing.


Here’s what people have to say about their experiences...

// "Amazing! I'm very intuitive and sensitive, and I've witnessed many people doing good work, but this woman (Phyllis Douglass) is the real deal! As I watched her channeling Celestial Alchemy symbols and singing, she was encompassed by a bright violet light, and emanating a powerful energy I've never experienced from any spiritual healer-type before. It almost hurt my eyes to look at her. Definitely, the real deal! She has something unique that must be experienced!"

// “I was profoundly moved by Vox Angelus (Phyllis Douglass). Her voice was etherial, spiritual, angelic, and took me by surprise! The tears began to flow because my heart just wanted to burst.”


// "Within the first few moments I had to open my eyes and look, thinking there had to be more than one person singing! I felt empowered to take action in my life. And hearing her voice left me deeply relaxed, and I released some heavy energy I had been carrying for years!"


// "I cannot describe what I am feeling inside. Love. An overwhelming sense of peace and gratitude. I looked around me and saw several people with tears streaming down their faces."


// "I've never experienced anything like this before! The pain I had been experiencing in my hip is totally gone!


// “I’ve heard first-hand testimonials, and everyone has expressed an immediate, profound touch from within and from above. Centers are turned on and channels activated in what seems to be specific and unique sequences. Everyone has demonstrated different levels of awareness with it; and regardless of how they experience it or describe it, all seem to have been touched by the Angel.”


// “She LiveStreams Angels. I cannot describe it any other way!”


// Phyllis, your presence filled my soul last night...I'm thankful to have been a part of such a beautiful experience! I'm still in awe of you and can still hear your beautiful voice resonating through moved me to tears of the upmost love and joy!!! Thank you!


In addition to critically acclaimed performances and recordings, Phyllis Anne is also a member of the acclaimed Sonic Devas, curated by Lynda Arnold of DivaSonic, which is a performance group made up of visionary women working within the field of Sound Healing, Music Therapy and performance.

VOX ANGELUS is available to present in large and small venues for spiritual events, conferences, television appearances, transitional ceremonies, and retreats. She is also an accomplished public speaker and presenter on topics of spirituality and wellness.



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"To experience Vox Angelus perform, is to experience an alteration of space, time and dimension, where you come out the other side forever altered. Extraordinary!"

"It's like... she Livestreams Angels.

I cannot describe it any other way!"

“I don't know what was said after you spoke [In your Angelical Language] the first time, but incessant tears came down. Truly felt a home heart connection!”


Experience Vox Angelus

The Peace Garden: Worldwide Elohim Alchemy Transmission with Vox Angelus.

Lionsgate Portal Live Stream 2021 -- Vocal Alchemy Meditation with Vox Angelus & Lynda Arnold (Divasonic).

Vox Angelus Informational Promo Trailer

11/11/2021 Portal Meditation with the Elohim.

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