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Experience Powerful and Life Changing Tools for Ascension & Healing

The AKA DUA, a powerful quantum-level technology, is an ancient Solar energy refined and purified by the spiritual descendants of the priestly Toltec lineage; originating within ancient mystery schools. There are 7 Key Frequencies, corresponding with the Elements, Earth, Cosmos, and God, and recently a new 8th Frequency given to me, which is the Union of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine.

The Aka Dua is much different from any other available modalities, and is used for one's own spiritual development and evolution, as well as healing of self and others. Clients, and practitioners testify it to be much more potent and expansive, in its ability to shift the root cause of challenges to create lasting shifts and transformation.

I am an Aka Dua Level 5 Master Adept, and offer the Aka Dua Level 1 Transmission, Level 2 Attunement, Level 3 Mastery, and Level 4 - Diaphanous Shell training. I also offer in-person group training, and a variety of Experiential Workshops focused on energy healing, wellness and spirituality.

The Aka Dua is essentially an energetic technology and tool for spiritual awakening and attainment of a higher level of consciousness - think who am I, what am I, and why am I here. And yes, it is as well an extraordinary tool for self-healing and the healing of others, opening ones access to higher level energies within the Quantum Field. It is much different from any other available modalities, because it works and evolves with you, brings forward and elevates your personal gifts, helps create harmony within your life, and is much more potent and expansive - used on its own, and to enhance healing, creativity, or spiritual work that you have already put into practice.

The Aka Dua is accessible to anyone with a sincere desire to positively effect the lives of others!


SCHEDULE your Aka Dua Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3. If you would like to arrange a private group training in person or at your facility, please connect to schedule. Check my CALENDAR OF EVENTS for upcoming group Aka Dua Certification and Healing workshops!


You can choose to complete only Aka Dua Levels 1 and 2, which is perfect for those whom wish to become an energy healing practitioner,. If you are a practitioner within another healing methodology or tradition, the Aka Dua will enhance the level of your practice and take it to the next level!


If you wish to to expand your services to provide the Aka Dua Level 1 and Level 2 to your clients or students, you can complete the Aka Dua Level 3. Beyond the Level 3, there is more focused attention and disciplined practice towards your own spiritual evolution. Each subsequent level is a quantum leap forward.

The Aka Dua is capable of facilitating profound changes on all levels of your being physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and can significantly alter consciousness when working with it within meditation and spiritual practices, and throughout creative processes.

Testimonials from Qi Gong Masters, Reiki practitioners, Massage Therapists, Artists, Musicians, and healthcare professionals have stated that receiving the Aka Dua significantly boosted the level of their practice by intensifying the energetic aspect of their work, heightening their level of intuition, elevating the level of their creativity and flow, and offering an enhancement to their current techniques and treatments protocols. Personally, I have experienced profound healing and spiritual transformation that I directly attribute to my work with the Aka Dua.


The words AKA DUA are Egyptian and defined as “unity uttermost shown”, and it is a physical substance with energetic properties that emanates a field of energy.

It is this “field of energy” that you feel and utilize once you have received an Aka Dua transmission, and not the substance itself.  This ancient shamanic energy current is said to originate from the time of the legendary Atlanteans, and would be found within the oldest Egyptian rituals, and the time of Ce Acatl, the last king of the Toltecs who was the incarnation of Quetzalcoatl. He was exiled in 965 AD, and sent his priests and priestesses to teach people secretly in small groups, first teaching only nobility.


Following this Toltec lineage, they continued passing on this information in small groups and always in secret throughout the continents. Each civilization had a fragment of this energy. No one particular group had the substance in its entirety. The Toltecs who have lived in hiding all these centuries maintain a rich stock of legends and stories about the Aka Dua and its origins.

What is now called the AKA DUA, was known as “The Power”.


According to the Toltec legends, the Aka Dua began one-seventh part of an Atlantean alchemical substance called Sro. The Sro was a substance intended to promote evolution, which was the Atlantean’s main preoccupation. One of the differences in regards to other healing techniques, is that the Aka Dua was purified and refined for thousands of years, specifically to assist our alchemical transformation and ease planetary transition. In 2007, after being hidden deliberately for 1000 years, Koyote The Blind, a Toltec Nahual, released it to the public.


The Aka Dua consists of five levels available on this planet, out of seven possible levels. The first three levels are accessible to the ordinary individual. Level Four is only available to those who have attained a certain degree of spiritual evolution.

The Aka Dua is expressed in seven distinct vibrational frequencies: Solar (including Solar Jaguar), Lunar, Atmospheric, Volcanic, Oceanic, Obsidian, and Unnamed.

I have been given access to a confirmed 8th Aka Dua frequency that has come through me, which is the STARFIRE FREQUENCY modality. The Starfire Frequency is the unified force of the Divine Feminine and Masculine in perfect and balanced union. This frequency is received through a separate transmission that is now available.

Aka Dua Level 1  - Level 1 is reached when the recipient takes a transmission of the Aka Dua substance. Over the next 28 days, the Aka Dua becomes a part of the recipient’s body. The Aka Dua Level One recipient usually has access to one or two of the Aka Dua vibrational frequencies.

Aka Dua Level 2 - Level 2 is reached when the recipient receives an Attunement that allows him or her to individually access all 7 vibrational frequencies of the Aka Dua.

Aka Dua Level 3 Master - Level 3 is an initiation and quantum up-leveling, opening the recipients ability to combine the 7 vibrational frequencies of the Aka Dua. The Aka Dua Level 3 Master can also offer the Aka Dua Level 1 - 2 to others.

Aka Dua Level 4 Adept - Level 4 is available to Level 3's through successful attendance of the week long, Diaphanous Shell Intensive. The Aka Dua Level 4 Adept is able to offer the Level 3 Master Initiation to others. Prior to 2017, the Level 4 was received through an extended initiation period lasting approximately 1 year.

Aka Dua Level 5 High Adept - Level 5 is not available to the public. It is by invitation and only attainable at an advanced level of spiritual and energetic evolution. The Aka Dua Level 5 avails you to the opportunity to teach the Diaphanous Shell Intensive, which brings participants from Aka Dua Level 3 to Level 4 over a period of seven days.



Like the Mayans, the Toltecs use calendars that follow the natural cycles. The largest cycle in the Toltec and Mayan calendars spans 26,000 years. The Aka Dua is important because it was designed specifically for use at the end of the current 26,000 year cycle, which ended in 2012. It has since then begun an evolutionary process that is unprecedented, and quite powerful!



Someone who has the Aka Dua simply forms an intent to activate it from within and send it. The Aka Dua, which is a physical and palpable force, can be sent via the hands, eyes, heart, or even through ones entire auric field to the target, whether that is a person or an object.

The sub-types of Aka Dua behave differently in range, feeling, and effect, and affect the physical and subtle bodies in different ways such as enlivening and empowering healing, art and other creative processes, spiritual development, and any other activity. Through intention, each frequency can be dynamically modulated - rate, vibration, temperature, and so on, creating an unlimited spectrum of available options. Best of all, the Aka Dua allows you to be YOU.

Working at higher levels with the Aka Dua has opened many Adepts to bring through extraordinary new technologies, methodologies, knowledge and information. Since receiving the Aka Dua Level 1 in 2007, I have received profound information and advanced modalities that I have shared with others such as MUdra Kama, and my conscious sacred artifacts available @ ALCHEMICAL SACREDS on Etsy.

MUdra KAMA | Lemurian Hand & Body Mudras for Personal Ascension, DNA Activation, Whole Health Healing, and the process of  Spiritual Evolution

MUdra Kama is offered in-person in small groups of 5 -15 participants, and online 2 - 10 participants. Check for online classes on my EVENT CALENDAR. If you would like to schedule a class at your facility, please CONTACT ME to schedule.

If you schedule an Individual Training Session versus registering for a calendared Group Class, I reserve the right to add additional interested parties into our session, to accommodate a larger number of participants. If you are interested in having me teach in a group format at your location, please contact me to schedule.

I am in training with the Lemurians to bring forward a Level 2 MUdra Body Conduit class, and hope to present it in the near future. This is a system of full body Lemurian MUdras activating spontaneous Light ignition throughout the body.

What is MUdra Kama?


MUdra Kama is a sacred and ancient spiritual practice of the Lemurians, which opens and clarifies our channel of divine communication to source consciousness - God. We then identify God as being part of self, and this internal experience and nearness to God allows us to feel more fulfilled, whole and complete as we journey through life.

MUdra Kama is a system that acknowledges our true divine nature, and that we are resonant, crystalline Beings!

The regular practice of MUdra Kama is a tool to assist spiritual Ascension. This indeed is about your ability to exist in human form as an expanded and radiant Being - opening and allowing your true light body essence to expand and shine, and standing steadfast in the light and direct communion with God. Which of course, is you.

Healing is what the body is fully capable of doing, when it’s brought back towards a state of energetic balance and alignment. MUdra Kama assists one in reaching and maintaining balance, alchemical awakening on a cellular/DNA level, growing in spiritual awareness, and expanding intuition. Residing within a heightened state of Being in this lifetime is where we are meant to exist and live, and the practice of MUdra Kama will help you flow through whatever the act of living throws at you.


In the MUdra Kama: Ancient Lemurian Codes for Soul Consciousness training, you will receive the Lemurian Alchemy Frequencies transmission, and learn six powerful Mudras and magical passages for healing and spiritual transfiguration that assist the process of our ASCENSION - the raising of ones’ light frequencies to a point of Celestial Frequency where we acknowledge and recognize our own divinity.


Within this state of divine radiance, we hold complete awareness that God works As and Through us, and we approach all aspects of our lives from this state of heightened awareness, consciousness, and intuition. As you work with MUdra Kama, you will more deeply access and/or awaken latent spiritual gifts and abilities, and align with your true path and purpose. This ancient spiritual practice is for YOU, and holds lifetime benefit with continued practice that positively affects every aspect of your life, both physical and nonphysical. In addition, it has the ability to exponentially elevate any spiritual or healing methods and modalities that you currently practice, enhance creativity, promote and expedite healing on all levels, and karmic release.


The Soul Frequencies of Lemuria are...


1. Bio-conductive, electromagnetic frequencies, which effect the entire body on a cellular level.

2. Transfigurative in nature, activating dormant DNA and reconnecting light strands to bring one closer to our natural, divine state of being within the physical vessel.

3. A powerful creative source of expression through a system of Mudras, each having a primary focus, as well as creating a divine stream of consciousness effecting body, mind, and soul when performed as a Magical Pass - a flowing sequence of Mudras with the intake and outtake of the breath.


Mechanisms at play within the physical body...


The body is primarily made up of water. Each water molecule containing salt and diverse ions, making it an excellent conductor of electricity. A primary point of focus being the opening of the Heart, followed by a subsequent elevation of spiritual consciousness. The heart is the greatest generator of electricity within the entire body; the pumping and spiral motion creating a magnetic field that extends well beyond the surface of the skin. It creates electrical, sound, pressure, heat, light, magnetic and electromagnetic signals.


And the fascial system - the connective tissue that surrounds every aspect of our body - is an extraordinary super highway of electricity and light impulses, as the circulatory system pulses with electricity with each beat of the heart, and the body moves through the mechanisms of motion with a key focus on the breath.

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