ONE - Journey To A New Way Of Being

written by Phyllis G. Douglass with the Angels

Each purchase includes a FREE Download of the corresponding Audiobook reading in the Language of God's Light (Adamic Light Language) with the Angels.​

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(BookBaby is preferred, though it takes longer to receive your copy. On Amazon an Ebook is also available, but as a sacred artifact, it is vibrationally wonderful to hold the physical book in your hands, place it upon an altar, or bedside table.)​

ONE - A Journey To A New Way Of Being, is an angelically transmitted and sacred artifact that is a frequency-based alchemical technology, to assist the awakening and ascension of human kind. As a sacred artifact, the Angels first stated that this book must never be published in a digital format, as merely being in the presence of the physical book serves as a catalyst for change. Recently, they allowed an eBook to be made available, as the manifest energy of ONE, has rooted and expanded. When held within ones hands, read and meditatively contemplated upon, or placed within a healing space or on a bedside table to permeate the Dreaming, it emanates divinely encoded frequencies through symbolic imagery and Adamic Light Language, the Language of God's Light.

This book is significantly different from the norm in that it is a multidimensional and magical technology. Though seen and heard like your native and acquired languages, it is recognized on a soul level. Its vibration and meaning bypasses the human mind, and gains access through the heart like a long, forgotten lullaby from childhood, that still serves as a soothing mechanism for the mind and body. Each of the pages has a focused intent, and the book in its entirety is a voyage designed to draw the aspirant through a spiritual process, to benefit all levels of one's being.

Each time you read through the pages from beginning to end, you are drawn on a voyage through powerfully encoded images and angelic script, designed to create passage for you to heightened levels of clarity and understanding, creativity, intuition, manifestation, and spiritual elevation.


Reader Reviews & Testimonies

"Phyllis truly is a catalyst for others to find their path in an elevated way."

The negative patterns in my life became very apparent as I looked at the images and listened to the recorded voice of an Angel--Phyllis. It took me a couple times to make it past the half way mark, because the process ignited by a specific image, illuminated something that had been buried and unacknowledged for a long time. A powerful clearing took place! I cannot adequately explain as it is something each person must experience for themselves. Each time you journey through the pages of the book, it's a different experience. I 'voyaged' through, and with deep intention, I'll be embarking on round two. . .three, four, and more!

~ Manual

"Truly a journey. A high frequency angelic companion."

I’ve never experienced anything quite like this. Each reading is unique and uplifting. You will be met where you are and guided on your journey. Pure energy! This book will never get old but I may wear it out. ;​

~ Claudette


"An amazing spiritual passage . . .!"

I was not at all sure what to expect, because I am just beginning on this path of finding myself and discovering who I am. This book shared a new experience with me that I never thought possible!​

~ Michele

"This very moment is a mirror reflection of the future."

“It has not been without trial and tribulation that this book has come into being on the border of a new decade, that will reflect great change upon humanity as the time progresses into the new year and beyond. This very moment is a mirror reflection of the future that can and will be influenced by the surfacing of new truths, understandings, decisions, thoughts, and each individual’s subsequent actions. Each choice does not only affect the individual having the interaction with self or bearing witness to things occurring outside of the perimeter of your physical instrument and likeness. It affects all things that exist on the level of bio and quantum energetics throughout and beyond what is seen and felt and heard, to the borderlands of accessibility in physical form and the boundless essence of your true form in Light. We have foretold, that this book now held within your hands is an artifact most sacred. It is encoded in Light containing accessible frequencies and information to assist, guide, and transform as you willfully choose. The possibilities are only limited by your own mind and willingness to accept the level of creativity that is available to you.”​

~ Archangel Michael

Phyllis Anne Douglass

CMT, CPT, ERYT 500, CAMTC ID# 56843

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