My work as an ambassador, provokes deep and significant change within others through healing. empowerment, and release.

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About Me

Nurturing the Intelligence of the Body, Power of the Mind, and Wisdom of the Spirit to Transform Your Life! 

Hi, and welcome to what the Archangels call the "Art of the UNDOING"!


I am a licensed Massage Therapist and Woman of Knowlege in the Toltec shamanic tradition, working with spiritually enlightened physical touch, energy, and vibration, who has focused in on the true, and innate power of the mind and body to transform, heal, and spiritually transfigure.


My sessions offer transformation and healing without the fluff. And I provide tools and guidance to help you find your own, 'Inner I Am Voice', of divine expression.


No BS. No coddling. No hand holding. No stories. Only the Undoing and Unwinding of the past, to release the truth of who you are, what you are, and what you are here to do!


My work unifies Mind, Body, and Spirit as a unified whole, through the direct guidance and facilitation of the Elohim, and the Angels whom stand in the presence of the Creator. Every aspect of who you are is included in the equation to facilitate positive shifts, miracles, and the best outcome possible in the moment.

My clients and students include:

Those who are living the expectations of others.

Those needing to experience Self Love, Self Care, Self Trust.

Those who are ready to heal from the past, and create their future.

Those who are looking to shift their lives, and live in a fully embodied state.

And, those willing and ready to let go of what they thought their life should be.

All that you wish to create comes through a source that resides within, and that is what we will tap into and access together.


Stepping into an experience it is not about 'doing" something, it is about the 'undoing' of whatever is causing a challenge in the present moment. It's not as hard as it seems, because you are actually wired for it. You reside within a beautiful and intelligent physical vessel that innately understands how to heal itself. And you are not separate in your struggles, challenges and triumphs, and each experience is a creative opening to a new way of being!

Sessions are offered virtually via Zoom, in private and small groups, and yearly Women's Intensive Retreats.


Please contact me directly to book Interviews, Speaking Engagements, Vibrational Alchemy Performances, and Collaborations.



"Vox Angelus"

I'm so excited to share that my book written with the Divine Order of the Elohim is available on AMAZON, and other online book retailers! Grab your copy now!

Listen Now: "Rising Celestial Voices: Transforming Mind, Body, and Soul With Light Language"

This is a beautiful presentation discussing my work, hosted by Christine Stevens, as part of the 2021 Sound Healing Summit on Shift Network. I speak about my use of the Language of Light as a creative and powerful force of expression for self-healing, meditation, its integration into my bodywork and energetic healing sessions, and public performance.


Phyllis Anne briefly shares the path that brought her to where she is today, as a Vocal Alchemist, Seer, and direct conduit for the Divine Order of the Elohim. And she brings in the Angels for a Vocal Alchemy Transmission, that speaks to the Soul, and activates the crystalline chambers through the cellular and skeletal structures of the body, the nervous system, and the fascia--our super highway for higher consciousness and spiritual transfiguration through alchemical upgrades and enhancements.

Listen Now: "Singing With the Angels" with Kat Udarro on 3rd Eye Salon!


Kat and I discuss my journey beginning with the memory of my birth, my communication and teachings with the Angels, and I offer a Vocal Alchemy Transmission. (Interview Date: 7/17/2021)

"I think that was one of my most favorite shows on 3ES yet. Phyllis is so wonderful! The sound healing at the end was amazing!"


“Thank You Phyllis, for All your Sacred information! Your singing reminded me of what I would hear in a Cathedral!  I think this is the Best Interview I have ever heard!  Blessings to you All for your Great Work!”



Private Sessions

Energetic and Vibrational Bodywork, Transmissions, and Spiritual Readings with the Elohim to transform, heal, and enlighten.


Group Experiences

Experience deeper clarity, balance, inner space and flow through Spiritual Workshops, Retreats, & Movement Classes.


Sound Meditations

Experience powerful Vocal & Instrumental Meditations and Soundscapes, designed to optimize your Health & Wellbeing.


More Interviews + Media

Guest appearance on the Xtra Ordinary Experiences television show, on Xpnsion Network with Kasey and Brad Wallis, teachers and global workshop leaders on consciousness: Phyllis Douglass is a direct conduit for God, whose spiritual name is Vox Angelus, the "Voice of the Angels".​

Screen Shot 2019-10-10 at 9.43.59 PM.png

INTERVIEW by Xpnsion Network @ Portal of Ascension Conference, October 2019.