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CMT, RYT 500, ERYT 200, YACEP, CAMTC ID# 56843

My spiritual names are Vox Angelus, the "Voice of the Angel", and Alatna Besut Vaya'Nachem Melchizadeka. Through my work with individuals and groups, I am able to activate the innate and inherent wisdom and intelligence of your body, mind and spirit; to facilitate the restoration and alignment of all aspects of who you are as a unified whole--physical, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic


I am a direct conduit for the consciousness of Elohim. My sessions are multidimensional and straight forward, and help you to unravel and release emotional strongholds, perceived challenges, energetic distortion and imbalances, and negative influences that are keeping you from moving forward in life.


This the "Art of the UNDOING", using encoded frequency, energy, resonance, and vibration as the catalyst for evolutionary and revolutionary transformation, healing and change.

We are here to awaken to a Higher Spiritual Truth, experience our Soul's full expression in this physical life, and to share the truth of who we are in our own beautiful, and unique ways.

I invite you to trust yourself, and why you were led or guided to me here in this moment. Believe that it is possible for you to create your life in the way you've always envisioned it!

All aspects of who you are emanates a beautiful symphony of frequency, energy, resonance, and vibration; that is always seeking to be in alignment with what Elohim refers to as the "Holy Template". It is the configuration of this template, that is calling us home to our true and infinite selves.



"There are signatures from the very highest realms that come down into the humans. When Source breathed Sound with the sacred designs embedded in the Sound, that is how life form began. That signature of the Breath of Sound with sacred design,  some humans are able to transcribe that signature of the very first breath. And Vox Angelus, hearing you, I want to tell you that you are one of these very special humans that actually transcribes that signature through your voice, for others to feel the very highness of that signature to grow the Light in the Heart. I bow to you! " ~ ZAZAR (Zazar is a 6th dimensional ET being channeled by Marilyn Gewacke, Ph.D.)

Welcome to the sanctuary of Evolutionary Grace! I'm Phyllis Anne, and I've been surrounded by Angels since I was a little girl, whom have served as my teachers, guides and protectors throughout my life. I am a hybrid of many different multidimensional aspects including Seraphim. I serve as a catalyst for self-realization, conscious soul alignment, spiritual growth, intuitive development, and all levels of healing. I am referred to as a "Transcendent Bridge" and divine vessel, capable of facilitating states of awareness and consciousness, above and beyond the range of normal or merely physical human experience.



Elohim is essentially how I communicate with God. It is the highest consciousness to intervene and interact with humanity, as we awaken to our true nature, evolve individually and as a collective, and to assist our process of Ascension. Elohim is the creator and architect of our existence; and one of the original seeds of human consciousness.


My purpose in this lifetime, is to help 'guide humans home to themselves' by sharing my own spiritual process, experiences, and higher teachings and methodologies given to initiate, transform, and provide simplicity to your healing, growth, and evolution as a Soul in physical form.

All of my sessions are performed in sacred resonance with my Higher Guidance, and the input of your benevolent Spiritual Team, working directly as and through the consciousness of Elohim. As an embodied and vocal instrument, I speak, sing, write and translate a powerful, transformative, and seamless flow of encoded frequencies, as a creative force of expression defined as the Language of God’s Light. This force is the pure, Love of Creation.

Are you ready to shift the trajectory of your life, and awaken to the beauty and magic which exists within YOU?

I assist and guide people when they feel stuck, have lost their way, and through the dark night of the Soul, when life appears to be unraveling. This is a path of evolutionary awakening and realignment, for those who have forgotten what it feels like to experience joy and happiness within their lives. Understand as well, that dis-ease--which manifests in many different ways--results from a period of dysfunction, misalignment, and living a life out of harmony with one's true divine nature and Soul Path.

Everything is Frequency, Energy, Resonance and Vibration. As we begin to inwardly shift and align all aspects of who we are from within--where true and sustainable healing begins--our evolution and ultimate wholeness begins to reflect outward into the external world. As we begin to transform our personal life and the way we express ourselves within it, we can more readily engage, create, and manifest our desires--and be a positive influence for others!


You are Infinite Source expressing itself within a physical life. When you remember who you truly are, your thoughts, choices, and actions, come from an Inner Knowing that is aligned with your true path and purpose. You are then creating the joy and happiness that you've been seeking!






From the moment we are born, we seek to gain a deeper understanding of who we are and why we are here. Reestablish your vitality, personal power, and sense of freedom to make your next move, shift your life, health, and happiness, and unleash something BIG into the world!

A SOUL RESONANCE REALIGNMENT creates a multidimensional access point working with Elohim to provide you with needed guidance, healing, and the transformative frequency shifts needed in the present moment so that you can move forward, reestablish a sense of wholeness, energetic balance, frequency alignment, and resonance with your life purpose.


How do I do this?


Working with the Elohim and your higher guidance, I scan your energetic field and witness the influences revealed in the present moment that are causing distortion, imbalance, and misalignment physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, or energetically. I then provide you with direct and profoundly personalized VOCAL ALCHEMICAL TRANSMISSIONS, which are divinely encoded to provide the necessary clearing, frequency adjustments, and energetic upgrades needed to subtlety or dramatically shift your resonant vibration into alignment with your Soul's Purpose; and the essence of your personal Medicine and Magic!


These powerful Vocal Alchemical Transmissions activate spontaneous release, healing processes, spiritual transmutation, and transformation on all levels throughout all time, space and dimension, to clear your path forward into a new experience of life, work, and relationships! Session often includes communications with your Angels, Guides, Ancestors, Loved Ones, Past or Parallel Lives, and the Higher Mind of your Soul's essence.




Experience powerful and transformative Vocal Alchemy Transmissions

with Elohim, Workshops & Retreats, for higher spiritual development and training, and gatherings that open you to deeply meditative and altered states of consciousness, clarity, and intuition. Event Listing


Check out my Etsy Shop, Alchemical Sacreds, for divinely inspired and frequency encoded sacred artifacts for spiritual healing, meditation, ritual!

At the completion of our session, I will hand draw your personalized LIGHT ENCODED ALCHEMY SYMBOL, as provided by Elohim. Within 24 - 48 hours, you will receive your video and audio recordings, and PNG and PDF files of your Alchemy Symbol to print out via email. This divinely encoded Alchemy Symbol is a sacred artifact that can be hung or placed on an altar or bedside table to emanate positive energy and intention throughout your space, and assist with entrainment and integration of what was shared in your session from the highest perspective of your Soul's journey.


Your Alchemy Symbol serves to provide continued assistance with aligning your true path and purpose from the highest perspective of your Soul's journey!

| MYOFASCIAL RELEASE THERAPY Creates Conscious Connection, Structural Alignment, and Energetic Flow |

Clinic hours are available on WEDNESDAYS ONLY at La Verne Acupuncture, 9:00am - 5:00pm. I offer specialized MYOFASCIAL RELEASE THERAPY sessions, focused on opening the pathways of direct communication with one's intuition, creativity, and non-physical consciousness (Higher Mind), by clearing, aligning, and restructuring the points of energetic connection, and physical aspects of the Head, Neck, and Shoulders. Physical and energetic distortion associated with this point of conscious connectivity, emotions, and limiting beliefs negatively effecting our life, are often reflected in the jaw/ mandibular joint as TMJ, facial structure, neck, and upper back.

Phyllis is an expert level Myofascial Release Therapist and Medical Massage Therapist, and trained directly with John F. Barnes (Information on Myofascial Release Approach).

| Experience the AKA DUA ENERGY MEDICINE TECHNOLOGY, as a Powerful and Life Changing Tool for Ascension & Healing |

The AKA DUA, a powerful quantum-level technology, is an ancient Solar energy refined and purified by the spiritual descendants of the priestly Toltec lineage; originating within ancient mystery schools. There are 7 Key Frequencies, corresponding with the Elements, Earth, Cosmos, and God, and recently a new 8th Frequency given to me, which is the Union of the Sacred Feminine and Masculine.

The Aka Dua is much different from any other available modalities, and is used for one's own spiritual development and evolution, as well as healing of self and others. Clients, and practitioners testify it to be much more potent and expansive, in its ability to shift the root cause of challenges to create lasting shifts and transformation. Learn More

| Clear, Shift and Harmonize the Energy of Your Home or Business with a  SACRED RESONANCE CLEARING & ATTUNEMENT |

A SACRED RESONANCE CLEARING & ATTUNEMENT aligns the reflection of your space or place with the vibrational essence of your intention. Together we create a sanctuary that is safe, open, and responsive to creativity, joy and fluid imagination within life, health, work, and play. It is not just about clearing, it is about attuning the space in resonance with your dreams and desires. The clearing process includes Map Dowsing of external, surrounding land to shift and clear geomagnetic and electrical forces, and entities. Learn More

| Please read DISCLAIMER if you are new to alternative healing and modalities. Your individual results are dependent upon your unique background, dedication, desire, motivation, actions, and numerous other factors. Schedule with both an open mind, and a willingness to make a shift or change in your life. |

 | "Excellent! I'll see you soon!"
Much Love, Phyllis Anne |



| The Book, "ONE - Journey To A New Way Of Being", is a Revealing Soul Alchemy Voyage With Intention |


ONE - Journey To A New Way Of Being, is my first book written with the Angels of the Elohim! Your purchase includes a free AUDIOBOOK READING by the Angels. This is an angelically transmitted and sacred artifact that is a frequency-based alchemical technology, to assist the awakening and ascension of Human Kind. (If you purchased a book and arrived here to download your free audiobook, please use the above Audiobook Reading link.). Learn More

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Listen Now: This is a wonderful and enlightening interview and Elohim Vocal Alchemy Transmission with Phyllis Douglass (Vox Angelus), on "Transformation in Your 40's Beyond 2023" with Shannon Brown! This experience was filled with the essence of Shamanic traditions that flow through my heritage and spiritual work, and the lineage of my higher teachers. And I 

tap deeply into the gifts that have come come forward from my ancestors.

Listen Now: In the "Circle of Twelve - Healing Wednesday Interview with Lee Carroll (Kryon Channel) & Monika Muranyi", we discuss,"The Process of Undoing”, which speaks to the simplicity of Spiritual Awakening and Ascension, that was meant for humanity. In the 'undoing’, we go through many small and inordinate deaths, in order to illuminate the truth that is caught up in the web woven of our inner narratives, stories and beliefs. 

Listen Now: "EVOLUTIONARY GRACE: Healing Through Divine Vocal Expression", is an lluminating presentation and Vocal Alchemy Transmission for the Shift Network's, 2022 Sound Healing Summit. This presentation succinctly speaks of my story, and shares an explanation and direct experience of my work with the Elohim.


ARTICLE: Radiance Magazine |

Fall 2022

Article: "You Are A Powerful Creator: Empowered By Faith and Inspired By Grace"

Screen Shot 2022-06-04 at 1.06.03 AM.png

COVER: Radiance Magazine |

October 2021

Article: "Becoming the Voice of the Angels"



My session with Phyllis was everything I had hoped for and more - her warmth and generosity of spirit settled me in immediately and her voice needs to be experienced to be believed. 

The messages that came through were spot on and I feel truly blessed for that moment of direct connection with Spirit and the Elohim, through Phyllis, and all the healing and guidance that was imparted. 

Thank you! I cannot imagine moving through life and it’s transformational moments without you and your beautiful work for guidance. 



Working with Phyllis was a joy! She has an authentic ease about her I so appreciated... from her generous sharing during the Discovery Session to her unique and masterful Healing Session with the Elohim.

I felt seen, respected and embraced by her presence in a very empowering way. The energy she creates and opens is palpable and her angelic voice saturates all the work in a beautiful vibrational resonance!

A week after my session, I feel as though I was given a satchel of gifts each magically aligned to unwrap in perfect timing, creating shifts in my awareness along with the gorgeous Alchemy Symbol to meditate upon. Phyllis is a gift that must be experienced!



The Soul Resonance Alignment session with Phyllis was very powerful and moving on many levels. I felt a wonderful shift which left me feeling lighter and more at ease within. The guidance and channelled messages have helped me move forward on my journey with clarity and confidence - a very humbling experience. I would recommend it to anyone going through a major life transition. Thank you Phyllis for sharing your beautiful voice and light. Much gratitude!

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