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| PINEAL GLAND Purification & Activation Transmission with Elohim |


Elohim offers this PINEAL GLAND ACTIVATION & PURIFICATION TRANSMISSION, to assist the awakening of the Pineal Gland to it's highest, spiritual purpose, associated with the ability to perceive things beyond the five senses--your intuition.


Package includes your Video Access Link (Unlimited Viewing), Pineal Gland Alchemy Symbol, and information regarding the Transmission in PDF format. [NOTE: Access Link must be physically typed in search engine, and is case sensitive.]


Our becoming whole in a unified and balanced way, is truly our process of achieving ascension while in our human form. It is the eventual 'Christing' of the human form, which quintessentially includes the awakening of the Pineal Gland from it's spiritually dormant state, that serves as a Key to accessing and operating within the higher states.


Per ancient concepts regarding the Soul, the Pineal gland, or our "Spiritual 3rd Eye", is considered to be the gateway of our spiritual life. Modern neuroscience has shown that the pineal gland is not only an endocrine organ that secrets melatonin and controls circadian rhythm, but that it also has energetic and mystical associations with spirituality.


As you listen in a relaxed and meditative state, you may choose to gaze at the PINEAL ALCHEMY SYMBOL, or place your left hand on top of it and close your eyes. If you intuit others ways of working with the symbol, by all means follow your intuition!


The downloadable digital file in PDF format, must be printed out prior to your listening to this Activation Transmission. If you do not have a printer, you can do a side-by-side on your laptop or computer with the video.


*** Headphones or quality earbuds are recommended as my transmissions are performed with special sound technology for precision, clarity, and quality of sound. Make sure that you are in a space that is comfortable, and where there will be no distractions. You may also wish to have a bottle of water, journal, and something to write with.


Thank you for participating and supporting my sacred work!


FACILITATOR & CONDUIT: Vox Angelus, aka Phyllis Anne Douglass, is a Celestial Conduit and Founder of EVOLUTIONARY GRACE @ Join the mailing list to receive Messages from Elohim, and a Calendar of Upcoming Events!

PINEAL GLAND Purification & Activation Transmission with Elohim

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