John F. Barnes Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR)

Session is 60 Minutes


Myofascial Release Therapy (MFR) helps reduce or eliminate pain and increase physical mobility. It is an advanced manual therapy that incorporate a variety of fascial lengthening techniques, most often consisting of slow, sustained compression combined with a specific method of stretching to release fascial restrictions, and optimize your body’s structural alignment.

Techniques include Myofascial Release, Myofascial Unwinding, Myofascial Rebounding, and CranioSacral Therapy as taught by John F. Barnes. Treatments may include take-home movement re-education and functional movement exercises and stretching. More in-depth information regarding the Myofascial Release Approach.

Sessions are personalized to relieve chronic pain from trauma, repetitive stress injury, poor posture, scar tissue, inflammatory responses and relief from stressful holding patterns. Treatment plans may include take-home mobility exercises and stretches. Appropriate session attire includes gym shorts, sports bras, tank tops, two-piece swim suits, and swim trunks.

Phyllis is an Expert Level Myofascial Release Therapist, and trained directly with John F. Barnes in Sedona, AZ.

Lomilomi Lapa'au Hawaiian Healing Bodywork 

Session is 60 Minutes


Lomilomi Lapa'au is a traditional form of Hawaiian Healing Bodywork of the Kahuna, that holds the premise that body, mind and spirit form a trinity of participation, for our evolution and healing. It is an energy-shifting touch therapy that creates a temple - a sacred and safe space where consciousness and the emotional body can connect. Communication and support for the emotional body is found in the breath, and the blending of breath and gratitude fuel the process of healing.


The tools of Lomilomi Lapa'au include:

BONE WASHING - cleaning the skin of the bone (periosteum),  causing the release of memory and corresponding physical and emotional pain.

PO’O (head) - clearing binds on the cranial bones to accommodate movement of the skull in rhythm with the breath.

CREATION OF SPACE - causing space to open within the body using gravity and breath.

MANIFESTING - traditional healing technique to  active prayer using “prepare, perceive and procreate.”

HA ( breath) - combining the skills of bone washing and breath coaching we are tooled to heal towards freedom from constriction.

LAULIMA - The ancient Hawaiian healing practice as the “laying of hands”.

HO'OPONOPONO - a method used to clear a persons emotions; loosely translated it means to make right, or bring into balance. The relationship between our emotions and physical ailments is clearly acknowledged by the Hawaiians.

PRAYER - this is the most important component in the ritual. An acknowledgment that the divine presence working through us is the true healer. I begin and end each session with a silent prayer, keeping a mindful presence throughout the treatment, asking for divine guidance and assistance.

Phyllis Anne trained in Hawaii, HI, and is a lineage holder of Lomilomi Lapa'au through the Halau of Kahuna Harry Uhane Jim and Sila Lehua Bray Jim.

Spiritual Energetic Healing
Awakening Body Intelligence & the Body's Innate Ability to Heal Itself

Session is 60 Minutes.


Spiritual Energetic Healing is about bringing you back into a state of flow, creating space, and a state of balance and relaxation so that the body is able to heal itself!  I am a conduit for the Elohim, connecting and transmitting unconditional love, guidance and information to transform you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Each session is personalized based on your specific needs, working on a cellular level from within a higher realm and state of consciousness, to shift the lines of discordance that have deviated from your Divine Blueprint.

Working within the many layers of your energetic field, the Elohim guides me to areas of distortion and variance, that is hindering your body's innate ability to heal. They then facilitate your liberation from stagnant and blocked energy, negative energy patterns and programming, thought forms, emotional fears and attachments throughout your body.

The belief that we are separate is an illusion and all things are possible. We create our lives and thus have a hand in changing the outcome of our experiences and actions, through clearing, mindset and resonance.


My gifts as a multidimensional facilitator of healing include the ability to hear, see and feel the distorted biological and physiological frequencies within your energetic field and body--even at a remote distance--that are representative of physical, emotional and spiritually oriented trauma, illness, and dis-ease.

Are you an Energy Healer or desire to become one? If you are interested in receiving and learning a powerful Quantum Healing and Ascension technology for self and others, I offer the Aka Dua Level 1 - 3 Transmission and Attunements, and other training workshops.

Experience and learn more about the Aka Dua - Quantum Healing & Ascension Technology!


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Fascial Cupping & Contemporary Cupping Therapy

Cupping Therapy may be integrated into a bodywork session or offered as a separate service. It is the ancient healing method of creating a vacuum on the skin with a special cup which provides detoxification, increase of blood flow, circulation and vital energy, reduction of stagnation, pain and inflammation, powerful lymphatic drainage, loosening of adhesions and connective tissue.

Angelic Soul Resonance Alignment (ASRA)
Spiritual Wisdom + Illumination For Your Soul's Journey

Session is 60 - Minutes via Zoom + Video Recording & ASRA Image


An Angelic Soul Resonance Alignment (ASRA) helps you to connect to your highest essence, transform or heal aspects of your life that are holding you back, addresses physical, mental or emotional states of imbalance, and awakens the power within you to create your life in the best way possible. It opens a pathway of communication within the Quantum Field of intelligent light, knowledge and information, also known as the Akasha.

Accessing the vibrations of the Akasha provides answers to your questions, by illuminating your Soul’s perspective on the challenges that you are facing in the moment, and provides assistance in clearing negative influences and beliefs, unproductive thought patterns and habits, and provides deeper clarity, alignment, and energetic shifts of mindset and consciousness. The Akasha also contains the highest available outcome for one's personal evolution, which means that it holds information that can help us align with our Divine origins, and gain a clear understanding of who we really are.


Sessions may include:

~ Ancestral & Past Life Healing

~ Messages from Source, Loved Ones, Guides & Ancestors

~ Release of Past Trauma

~ Energetic Healing and Sound Alchemy

~ Cord Cutting ~ Entity Removal

~ Chakra Clearing and Balancing

~ Spiritual Coaching & Guidance

~ Spiritual Initiations

~ Reading of your Soul Contract


In our session, a draw a symbolic image of you and will speak, draw and write down all of the information I am given through the Elohim, in evolutionary stages. I am shown any paths of negative influence affecting past, present, and future, receive information from your Guides, Loved Ones and Ancestors, and receive information regarding your physical, emotional and spiritual state of being. This sets the foundation for any necessary energetic clearing, transmutation, optimum healing, and any guidance from the nonphysical world that is beneficial for your path moving forward.


I will frequently ask you when appropriate, if you have any questions, and if you understand what has been stated.


All that is received pertains to who you are in the present moment, and the frequency alignment that needs to take place, so that you are liberated moving forward. Sessions often include Spiritual Coaching from your Soul essence, your guiding light on this physical journey that knows what you have chosen to undertake in this lifetime, which direction this journey is meant to take you, and your path of highest attainment.

Body Attuned - Private Sessions + Group Experiences
Sound Meditation Facilitation + the Art of the Medicine Song

Phyllis is a true Vocal Alchemist, and when she facilitates her transformational SOUND MEDITATIONS, she connects within a higher state of being to the participants, as she creates deeply moving and resonant sound fields with her voice as an instrument of higher consciousness, accompanied by Gongs, gemstone infused Quartz Crystal singing bowls, antique Himalayan singing bowls, a variety of hand drums, powwow drum, Euphone, Monochore, Shruti, and other sacred and indigenous instruments. Each session is a unique experience, as it emerges in the moment as a sonic activation and immersion within oneself.

Through skillful means, as a certified Sound Therapist with many years of study, she facilitates the synchronization of the body and mind to promote healing, shifts in consciousness, and life change.

The basic principle of Sound Meditation is that everything is in a state of vibration. Not only our external environment which we filter through our bodies, or what we ingest into our bodies such as fluids, foods and chemicals, but within the physical body — we have the individual vibratory resonances and rhythms of our organs, bones, connective tissues, cells, blood flow, heart beat, pulse, nervous system, and so forth. When the body is incapable of filtering properly for any number of reasons, and the flow of energy becomes stuck, stopped, or stagnant, this creates an environment for injury, illness, and disease. Sound Meditation works within the electromagnetic field of the body, flowing through the tissues and bones, and on a cellular level as the wavelengths of sound are transported on the fluids of the body in resonate, vibratory patterns.


  • Release of endorphins and supports healthy immune system function

  • Relief of stress, anxiety, and fatigue

  • Works within the electromagnetic field, and the body on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual

  • Assists in the shifting and release of energies/frequencies associated with disease, illness, limiting beliefs and patterns

  • Alters brainwaves by inducing alpha-theta states associated with healing and deep relaxation

  • Synchronizes and balances the vibratory frequencies and rhythms within the physical body and energy centers (chakras)

  • Creates a sense of balance, peacefulness, and well-being

  • Opens the door to greater creativity, vision, and clarity

Phyllis is an Advanced Master Sound Therapist and Bonpo Shang practitioner who has studied the therapeutic, meditative, and mystical use of sound with notable teachers and mentors, including completion of an extensive, multi-year program of study with Mitch Nur, Phd.



140812_Phyllis_Douglass_IA-9197 copy.jpg
Live Performance + Recording + Collaboration

[Video of  Lionsgate Portal Crossing: "Otherworldly Sound Transmissions". An online performance on 8/08/20 with Vox Angelus (Phyllis Douglass) and Lynda Arnold (Divasonic).]

When I perform it is for me an inner experience, and often for many participants, they are deeply moved beyond the inner realm to a more visceral, inspirational and healing response. It is not about just listening with your ears, but with the entirety of your being to be moved within the moment into a space or place where you have a deeper perception and understanding of who you are, and the beauty of the moment.

All performances are divinely inspired and orchestrated in the moment as the vocals, sounds and frequencies energetically flow through me. I use a variety of instruments including, gongs, singing bowls, monochord, Shruti Box, various drums, rattles, chimes and bells.

I am available to perform at small and large public and private events, multi-media artist collaborations, and recording.

[Visual Reality / Multiverse performance in Los Angeles, CA / Alchemy Music Concert / Performer: Vox Angelus (Phyllis Douglass)]

[Video of  THE TELLING - Toltec Art Performance - "Knowing Convergence of Love & Light with WESAK Water Ceremony performed @ Xicoco Shamanic Arts / Performer: Vox Angelus (Phyllis Douglass)]

[Video with the SONIC DEVAS performing @ St. John's Cathedral in Los Angeles, CA / Vocal Alchemy Segment: Phyllis Douglass, "The Voice of the Angels" / Curator: Lynda Arnold, DivaSonic / Visuals by Michael Strauss Visuals.]

[Visual Reality / Multiverse performance in Los Angeles, CA / Performing to a full house in the Sound Dome.











Please cancel a minimum of 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Late arrivals are responsible for full amount of payment for the session. Late arrivals are responsible for paying session in full, and will receive the remaining time only. No shows may reschedule by prepaying their next appointment.


If you are receiving bodywork, please wear loose shorts for your session. For women, please bring a sports bra that does not cross in back or loose tank top to change into for your session. Full coverage undergarments are acceptable. This allows me to see the body throughout functional range of motion, witness dysfunction and areas of restriction, and perform fascial manipulation on the surface of the skin. Please refrain from using body lotion and heavily scented products prior to your session. For all other sessions, please wear loose, comfortable clothing.


A portion of your session may include an assessment of postural alignment, gait pattern, range of motion, and discussion of your health history based upon your Client Profile Form.


I do not accept or bill Insurance Companies, or submit any form of paperwork. I will provide you with a paid receipt that you can submit on your own to seek reimbursement.


I accept most forms of payment for sessions and events: VISA, MC, AMEX, CASH, CHECK, PAYPAL, VENMO. Payments must be made in full at the time of your session. Returned checks will incur an additional $50 fee. ​

Client Intake Form / Please complete and bring to 1st appointment.
Session FAQ's & Policies