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Group Sonic Alchemy Meditations - 10+ Participants

As a certified Master Sound Therapist, Phyllis is a true alchemist in her facilitation of transformational SONIC ALCHEMY MEDITATIONS. Meditations generally last 1.5 hours including opening welcome and guided meditation, and closing discussion and spiritual messages. Phyllis holds an embodied connection to the consciousness of the Elohim, whom help facilitate and guide the creation of deeply moving and resonant sound fields with her voice as an instrument of higher consciousness and activation, accompanied by various instruments--Gongs, gemstone infused Quartz Crystal singing bowls, antique Himalayan singing bowls, a variety of hand drums, powwow drum, monochord, and other sacred and indigenous instruments. Each meditation is a unique, and multidimensional experience, as it emerges in the moment as a vibrational activation and immersion within oneself.

The basic principle of Sound is that everything is in a state of vibration. Not only our external environment which we filter through our bodies, or what we ingest into our bodies such as fluids, foods and chemicals, but within the physical body — we have the individual vibratory resonances and rhythms of our organs, bones, connective tissues, cells, blood flow, heart beat, pulse, nervous system, and so forth. When the body is incapable of filtering properly for any number of reasons, and the flow of energy becomes stuck, stopped, or stagnant, this creates an environment for injury, illness, and disease. Sound works within the electromagnetic field of the body, flowing through the tissues and bones, and on a cellular level as the wavelengths of sound are transported on the fluids of the body in resonate, vibratory patterns.


  • Release of endorphins and support for healthy immune system function

  • Relief of stress, anxiety, and fatigue

  • Works within the electromagnetic field, and the body on all levels – physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic

  • Initiation into higher states of awareness, consciousness, and intuition

  • Shifting and release of energies/frequencies associated with dis-ease, illness, limiting beliefs and patterns

  • Altered brainwaves inducing alpha-theta states associated with healing and deep relaxation

  • Synchronizing and balancing the vibratory frequencies and rhythms within the physical body and energy centers (chakras)

  • A deep sense of balance, peacefulness, and well-being

  • Greater creativity, vision, and clarity

Phyllis is an Advanced Master Sound Therapist and Bonpo Shang practitioner who has studied the therapeutic, meditative, and mystical use of sound with notable teachers and mentors, including completion of an extensive, multi-year program of study with Mitch Nur, Phd, of 9 Ways Academia.


SEE EVENT SCHEDULE FOR SONIC ALCHEMY MEDITATIONS and other performance opportunities >


[Video of  Lionsgate Portal Crossing: "Otherworldly Sound Transmissions". An online performance on 8/08/20 with Vox Angelus (Phyllis Douglass) and Lynda Arnold (Divasonic).]

When I perform it is for me an inner experience, and often for many participants, they are deeply moved beyond the inner realm to a more visceral, inspirational and healing response. It is not about just listening with your ears, but with the entirety of your being to be moved within the moment into a space or place where you have a deeper perception and understanding of who you are, and the beauty of the moment.

All performances are divinely inspired and orchestrated in the moment as the vocals, sounds and frequencies energetically flow through me. I use a variety of instruments including, gongs, singing bowls, monochord, Shruti Box, various drums, rattles, chimes and bells.

I am available to perform at small and large public and private events, multi-media artist collaborations, and recording.


[Visual Reality / Multiverse performance in Los Angeles, CA / Alchemy Music Concert / Performer: Vox Angelus (Phyllis Douglass)]

[Video of  THE TELLING - Toltec Art Performance - "Knowing Convergence of Love & Light with WESAK Water Ceremony performed @ Xicoco Shamanic Arts / Performer: Vox Angelus (Phyllis Douglass)]

[Video with the SONIC DEVAS performing @ St. John's Cathedral in Los Angeles, CA / Vocal Alchemy Segment: Phyllis Douglass, "The Voice of the Angels" / Curator: Lynda Arnold, DivaSonic / Visuals by Michael Strauss Visuals.]


[Visual Reality / Multiverse performance in Los Angeles, CA / Performing to a full house in the Sound Dome.

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