Reweaving our story.

[So I woke up this morning and automatically wrote this, and in meditation saw a reflection of myself on the surface of a rippling pool of water. I stared at my image for what seemed like a long time. The ripples causing slight distortion, as I tried to catch the perfect image. So I will share it here. If you vibe, perfect. If you don’t, that’s perfect for you, too. As a side note, in conversation with my sister this morning, I told her, “And, yup. I feel like all of a sudden the world expects me to step up and be Black, when I was focused on just being ME. Lol.]

History keeps repeating itself because the initial thread of toxicity is still woven into the tapestry of our world, and has remained unresolved. The only way to relinquish it is to pull the thread and let it all unravel. Humanity is trying to create a new story, and each time the participants wishing to dismantle racism, racial inequality and the like, are more spiritually awakened to Oneness Consciousness, more diverse on all levels, and more intelligently fervent in their appeals. We are on the cusp of big changes, because people are realizing that in order to truly make a lasting change, we cannot keep approaching the problems in the same way. The past does not belong in the present, and you can’t write a new story, if you keep rehashing old narratives. Much of humanity is realizing that we must endure the discomfort of change, and that nothing can remain the same. You can’t let go of something and still hold onto it at the same t